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Business Dream Meaning: From 8 Different Sources

Usually is connected to present business. You are either too busy or not active enough. As in Factory, the image of “business” also represents a symbol for monetary transactions, which, in turn, depend on the interaction of the dreamer’s individual characteristics. What kind of business is it? What does the business sell, what is your role in the transaction?
Dream Source: Little Giant Encyclopedia
Author: Klaus Vollmar

To dream that you work in a business, indicates that you are experiencing some anxiety about a current project or task.

The dream may also be telling you that you have been slacking off and you need to “get back to work”.

To dream of a business where you used to work, suggests that there is an old lesson that you need to learn and apply to your current situation.

If you dreamed of starting or owning your own business, this represents the assertive and authoritative side of your personality. This dream may also reveal creative ideas, or highlight your issues with control and authority. Also see “Boss” and “Work”

Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

Dreams of your business are processing dreams helping you to sort out and problem solve unresolved issues of the day. Your dream could be giving you the message to get down to business and take your work more seriously.

See Work and Processing Dreams.

Dream Source: Strangest Dream Explanations
Author: Dream Explanations - Anonymous

This dream may be advising you to adopt a more “business-like” attitude in your circumstances. Perhaps you should be more astute, challenging, or cautious. The key is to take the experience you have and use it in your favor. If, in the dream, business is good, you are comfortable with your current situation. If, however, there are problems, it means that you feel insecure.

In olden days, if you had this dream, the wise men recommended precaution against dishonest people.

Dream Source: The Big Dictionary of Dreams
Author: Martha Clarke

Be prepared for a sticky time ahead if your dream concerned business; you will probably have to fight against some hostile, or even dishonest competition.

However, if the dream involved business documents, you can expect the situation to resolve in your favor.

Dream Source: The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams
Author: Stearn Robinson - Tom Corbett

A business, company, or other commercial entity could represent: A group or community, especially one with shared goals or shared experience.

Productivity or accomplishment.


Your work, job, career, or work income.

A system for tangible or intangible trading.

A real-life company you’ve dealt with or are thinking about doing business with.

Something you associate with the business, such as its purpose, products, reputation, or your personal experience with it.

See also: Organization, Membership; Factory; Processing; Store; Shopping Center; Entrepreneur; Restaurant; Workplace

Dream Source: The Curious Dreamer’s Dream Dictionary
Author: Nancy Wagaman

All parts of ourselves working together to bring forth the results that we chose to accomplish.
Dream Source: The Dream Books Symbols
Author: Betty Bethards

lucky numbers: 06-10-12-15-42-48

accosted by a, person, being: promise of profit to another; pennies to yourself.

advancing to become own boss: success is certain in furthering your own interest.

in present position: beware of jealous friends, rival may do you an injustice.

adversarial partner, having an: wil be unable to meet obligations in a healthy manor.

adversity in: wil realize ambitions, but not escape adversarial gossip of your conduct.

approached by a, man: results in projects through the intercession of an influential man.

arranging: misfortune is not to be misunderstood but remolded to future.

arriving, people: wil receive compliments from a wily man; don’t accept them.

assembly line, working on a: wil succeed and bring a partner with you.

attacked by a, person: wil profit from another’s being cheated.

beginning a good: must fight for good results at every threat that sorely affects you.

checking accounts: mental distress and il egal actions by carelessness, not intent.

community, having a: wil soon have a lawsuit over an ugly love affair.

conference, participating in a: wil be asked to arbitrate a conflict.

director, being a: choose the correct leadership quality to carry your business forward.

responding position as: hold your tongue when you have been provoked.

dismissed, being: your il usions of your value to the company were dispel ed.

others: are doomed for disappointment if you do not believe it could happen to you.

doing: your total resources commandeered to create something another needs.

executive ability, having: make wel thought-out decisions, then take the risks.

industrious person, being an: every effort put forth wil bring additional responsibility.

industry, having an: wil be very embarrassed by our period of rest and relaxation.

insolvent, being: your industry and enterprise wil not al ow you to fail.

inventory, taking: abundance wil soon be yours.

losing money in: wil lose your temper over untruthful gossip.

making: wil receive money from a friend without his knowledge.

lost own, having: wil be humiliated in unhealthy and gloomy surroundings.

man, being: make plans for your own business; an important conference is imminent.

dating a: your date wil be honest and thrifty, but your transactions wil bring discord.

dealing with a: improve your intel igent support; their frankness may harm you.

partner, having a: are prone to arguing, but it clears the air of unwarranted suspicion.

person dreaming of retirement: your raise is a prelude to being knocked upstairs.

receiving compliments on: wil enjoy good profits, but wil overvalue your contribution.

bonus, a: wil narrowly escape public censure for an unsubstantiated injustice.

large: your insecurities cause you to purport superiority.

16 dream interpretation about business related.

Business Card

Handing out business cards in a dream may point to the need to expand your business interests. Receiving someone’s business card may predict an important future business contact.... business card dream meaning


This dream image refers to the masculine side of men and women.

It is either the result of feeling self-confident or points to the need to become more self-confident.

The businessman stands for the exchange between people. He is the one who guides the flow of goods and, in that capacity, is the negotiator between nature and people.

The property of the businessman points to the talents of the dreamer, as do the goods that he sells.

The way in which he is moving the goods may be an indication of how the dreamer uses his energies.... businessman dream meaning

Nonprofit Business

Revealing that there is no profit to be expected in this venture... nonprofit business dream meaning

Business Association

(See Partnership)... business association dream meaning

Business Loss

(See loss)... business loss dream meaning

Finished Business

(Accomplished; Compassed) A finished business in a dream connotes life and continuity. Completing good deeds in a dream means desiring to have children. Completing one’sjob in a dream is a sign of prosperity for rich people and the strong ones. It also signifies owning properties and having control over a vast land and its people.

(Also see Incomplete job)... finished business dream meaning

Unfinished Business

(See Incompletejob)... unfinished business dream meaning

Business And Dreaming

Although the world of business and the world of dreams are often considered to be incompat­ible, this is not so. Once one realises that dreams may be the ‘printout’ of the most shrewd and capable computer we have access to, we can see them as a source of useful information.

If one is in business, there is information in one’s own mem­ory, along with considered projects, questions about problem areas, which have never been put on an electronic computer. And there is no computer program outside our own mind which can handle and manipulate all the variables, the inte­grating of different information sources—written words, feel­ing hunches, spoken information, personal observation and experience—and then sift, explore different combinations, and reach into pure creativity by leaping into the new.

Dreams should not be seen as oracles, but if we take their information into account along with our other sources, we find them a real addition to our business equipment.

See cre­ativity and problem solving in dreams. ... business and dreaming dream meaning

Agreement Or Business Document

This dream is always held to be a warning of some flaw in your plans, some oversight that will upset your calculations and hopes.

If you do not actually sign the agreement, but only read it, you will get through all right. ... agreement or business document dream meaning

Business Document

To dream of such Papers is a bad sign for a business man, but not for a woman. Be careful of your speculations and investments.... business document dream meaning

Business / Trade

a vision of trade or whoever is a trader [in the dream], is interpreted by: the acquirement of the World’s ornament.... business / trade dream meaning

Business Suit

To dream that you are wearing a business suit, indicate that you want to be acknowledged and recognized for your abilities and skills.... business suit dream meaning

Business Person

The organizational part of self.... business person dream meaning

Business Icons

Salesmanship, creativity and sheer brashness are qualities the world’s most influential business brains share.

If they appear in your dreams could they be urging you to go ahead with that idea, create that business or push ahead with your career.... business icons dream meaning

Business Documents

lucky numbers: 09-10-27-29-37-39

family, handling: wil be a misuse of your intel ectual forces to hunt for fraud.

partnership: big profit wil be accompanied by loss of esteem.

personal: wil receive a legacy, lose a lover, and incur distrust among close friends.

man handling: are wil ing to take responsibility for your own life.

notary: be careful of financial speculations.

woman: wil reap what your male relatives have sown. ... business documents dream meaning

Starting Your Own Business

If you see yourself as an entrepreneur setting up your own business, then this means your plans for the future are well-starred. You’re going through a creative phase and you feel inspired. If you’re not already starting a new project, you will be soon. Be prepared for a period of frenetic activity which will see you rising to new heights. This dream also suggests a need to go it alone and stand out from the crowd. It’s time to walk your own path in life!... starting your own business dream meaning