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Bus Stop Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

If you dream of waiting at a bus stop, you will run into minor difficulties but they will be quite temporary.
Dream Source: My Dream Interpretation
Author: myjellybean

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To engage in a joint learning experience... bus dream meaning

School Bus

An on-going learning experience... school bus dream meaning


Literal instruction to cease action... stop-sign dream meaning


Indicating the importance of the time to start and stop... stopwatch dream meaning

Bus Driver

To dream of seeing a bus driver represents your ability to take control yet work together with others as a team. It could also mean that you are confused as to which path to take in order to reach your goals. You cannot seem to get ahead in life.

To dream that you are a bus driver implies that you have chosen the correct path to achieve your goals, and you are reaching them fairly rapidly. Try to slow down a little and don’t be too aggressive. In particular, if you are a school bus driver in the dream, this could mean that you will reach your objectives faster if you use experience and wisdom to guide you. Perhaps you have achieved a higher level of self-discovery.... bus driver dream meaning


See “plug”... stopper dream meaning

Conductor, Bus

1. Foreign travel imminent.

2. Willingness to take on large responsibility. ... conductor, bus dream meaning

Bus Conductor

How we give someone authority in a group, although we may be more capable than they; the pan of self concerned with paying our way, feelings helping or standing in the way of reaching our goal, ... bus conductor dream meaning

Truck Stop

To dream that you are at a truck stop denotes that you need to take your mind off things that are weighing you down. Take time for some rest and relaxation.... truck stop dream meaning


To see a stoplight in your dream, suggests that you feel you are being held back from pursuing your goals. You may also feel pressure to succeed or else be left behind.

If the stoplight is green, then it indicates that you have been given a seal of approval to follow whatever path you have chosen or whatever decision you have made.

If the stoplight is flashing all different colors, you are feeling much confusion over which direction you should proceed to achieve your interests.... stoplight dream meaning

Time Stopping

If you dream about time stopping or freezing, indicates your fears that you won’t be able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You may also feel that time is running out in a certain personal situation.... time stopping dream meaning

Yellow School Bus

Controlling force for personality pieces. ... yellow school bus dream meaning

Tourist And Tourist Bus

1. People going from church to church;... tourist and tourist bus dream meaning