What does it mean to see an bunion in a dream?

Bunion Dream Meaning: From 2 Different Sources


Pain caused by enduring excessive and difficult steps

Dream Dictionary Unlimited | Margaret Hamilton


Presages the return of a traveller from a great distance.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


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amputated, being: no one wins with brutality.

arthritic: are relishing pleasures that make your age beyond your years.

bare, your: lighten up, look up and laugh; you are grounded.

many: competition makes your present position insecure; keep in touch with the earth.

bathing in a basin: your greed increases your anxiety and needs healing.

ocean, the: shame and sorrow bring much vexation.

river: basic feelings upon which your love rests wil be molested.

blister on a: you lack the self-confidence to find the source of your irritation.

popping a: the problem at work is not physical.

bunion, suffering from a: humiliation wil stem from family quarrels over control.

friends: are confronted with insurmountable obstacles.

inflammation leaving, the: with return of the foot traveler; you wil have a new admirer.

burning own: you walked too close to an emotional fire.

children’s: you never wanted dependency, but found yourself needing it.

cloven, a: investigate strangers and observe friends for il wil toward you.

corns on the, cutting: struggle to remain stable in the common walkway of life.

others: you have a loyal friend.

cutting the: you are troubling about trifles while lust for life passes you by.

deformed: disturbing gossip distorts the truth of a hereditary il ness within the family.

dirty: your conscience is begging you to come clean.

footbath, a hot: pul yourself up to undertake a new project with enthusiasm.

cold: are not ready to proceed as troubles creep into family.

having a big: the lowliness, the earthiness, from which your life is built, comes out.

broken, a: are relinquishing too much energy without replenishing it.

fractured: obstacles wil come from unexpected foes.

lame: you are unable to proceed to the first step and al ow others to receive.

small: worry wil be smoothed away, one smal step at a time.

heel, having a wounded: what you leave out of a proposal is as important as that left in.

being down at the: a long-established friend needs attention.

pain in the: are being oppressed by a contemptible, despicable person.

hurting your: humiliating troubles are likely over an unexpected chal enge to your values.

itching: make the move; you know the direction.

kissing the, of another person: are a smooth talker around ladies; change your conduct.

measuring distances in: expect happiness and good humor.

moving: are trying to escape your responsibilities; find out what they real y are first.

narrow: can never stray from your path.

pedicure, having a: the foundation of your principles and jealousies wil be chal enged.

scratched by others, being: do not pay attention to enemies.

see, can’t: are unable to see the end of the path.

toes: a tiny adjustment wil balance your center.

twitching: are traveling astral y in your sleep.

washing your: a therapeutic detour wil clear up a bad conscience.

another’s: being repentant for past misdeeds does not al ow others an advantage.

in the sea: others are mystified by your actions. ... feet dream meaning