What does it mean to see an boyfriends in a dream?

Boyfriends Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


If you dream of a specific person such as a boyfriend, you will need to concentrate more on the other symbols of your present dream as the boyfriend can represent several different aspects or people in your life.

A boyfriend can be friend, enemy, lover, companion, or the symbol of any of these things in the emotions.

If bodily harm is threatened from this person it would be best to take this as a literal, true, dream and act accordingly.

Encyclopedia of Dreams | Michael and Elizabeth Thiessen

6 dream interpretations related to the symbols you see in your dreams.


Dreaming about being unfaithful suggests that you take a better look at your current relationship. What was the person in your dream giving you (emotionally or otherwise) that your real life partner does not? Communicate effectively and begin to develop those areas of your relationship that need most improvement. Understanding this dream may assist you in understanding your relationship and the level of attachment to your partner. Many people write about “dreams of cheating.” Either they are cheating, or they believe that their boyfriends/girlfriends are cheating on them. In either case, they are upset and outraged by such dreams. It seems logical that these types of dreams are connected to feelings of inadequacy or dissatisfaction.

If the partner in your dream was a total stranger then the dream may be much more personal and profound. It could be telling you something about the relationship that you have with yourself by giving you clues about the nature of your unconscious.... infidelity dream meaning

Military Officer

For a woman to dream of a military7 officer means she will have many boyfriends.

For a man, the dream means that he will achieve recognition in later life.... military officer dream meaning


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business executive dreaming of a mirage: your staff is not honestly confronting tasks.

lover: your sweetheart is not faithful; face it and move on.

man: be wise in business ventures; bad fortune is too easily obtained.

woman: friends are cheating you; don’t let that stop you from succeeding.

young girl: it is advisable to change boyfriends. ... mirage dream meaning


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broken: unexpected death of a relative brings friction in the family circle.

clear, a: reflects one’s inner depths uncovered to their free expression.

cloudy, a: the distortions you project onto the world are there to be viewed by you.

cracked, a: try to see yourself as others see you, flaws and al .

looking at oneself in a mirror: what appears to be reality is not the truth.

business executive: disloyal staff members worm their way into your confidence.

husband, your: wil be unfairly treated for undesirable news relating to his actions.

loved one, a: self-deception with your flighty character.

lover: sweetheart is not real y faithful; neither is your eccentric behavior.

man: take stock of yourself to notice a mistake before it happens.

married woman: are unfaithful to your husband, or wil be soon.

others: someone is making you aware of your unhappy marriage.

widow: find out your ulterior motives to match your selfish ones.

woman: are admired by men you don’t even know.

young girl: are shy about changing boyfriends.

of a: are frightened that your self-knowledge includes your own treason. ... mirror dream meaning


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buying talcum: opposition in your marriage is from displaced ambitions.

face: wil be extravagant in spending money and miserly in using it.

handling gun: the residue of your actions remains on your fingers.

filling cartridges with: misery.

keg, guarding a: how seriously you take your responsibility depends on its validity.

powdering your face: vanity and hidden scorn; others see only your charms.

spilling: covering up for your actions infects them with guilt.

sprinkling, on sweetheart’s body: sweetheart wil get sick of your possessiveness.

using body: wil have many boyfriends whom you wil keep in turmoil.

face: speak your conscience for lasting love. ... powder dream meaning


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being introduced to a: fortune smiles on pleasures without secrecy.

embracing a: wil outrage her innocence in a depraved manner.

holding a: with ful commitment to each other, there are no bars to the expression of love.

kidnapping a: your obsession with gaiety wil create slander of unreal proportions.

knowing a, with many boyfriends: be on guard that your naïveté is respected.

making advances toward a: your own guilt wil not al ow another’s purity.

picture of a: temptations threaten your every direction.

realizing a person is not a: grief for believing you need what is unessential to a relationship.

sick person dreaming of the, Saint: your recovery speed wil be equal to your sincerity.

talking to the, Saint: the consolation prize wil be quick in coming and unwarranted. ... virgin dream meaning