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If you dreamed of dying your hair, you are allowing vanity to overcome your common sense. Try to use better judgement. If you dyed your hair black, the dream predicts a passing sadness concerning your own decision to make a break in a personal relationship which has become upsetting. To dream of bleaching your hair, suggests that you would be wise to be somewhat less flirtatious. ... dye dream meaning

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Hair Dye

If you dreamed of dying your hair, you are allowing vanity to overcome your common sense. Try to use better judgement. If you dyed your hair black, the dream predicts a passing sadness concerning your own decision to make a break in a personal relationship which has become upsetting. To dream of bleaching your hair, suggests that you would be wise to be somewhat less flirtatious. ... hair dye dream meaning

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In general, dreams about losing one’s teeth are common and suggest the dreamer feels powerless or out of control in a real life situation. Here are some more meanings for dreams about teeth: To dream of loose teeth is a warning of untrustworthy friends. If your teeth fell out or you spit them out, you are anxious about money. To dream of having a tooth pulled or removed suggests that you have lost, or are worried about losing, someone who has been important to you. To dream of brushing your teeth represents the clearance of obstacles which have been holding you back. If you dream of having/seeing wooden teeth, you are feeling apathetic and emotionless. You may be behaving automatically and just going along with the flow. Or you may be acting out without fully thinking things through. If you dream of having gray or rotting teeth, this may be a sign of health problems - see your doctor. To dream of getting a cavity in your tooth is sometimes a warning that your health is at risk. The other possible meaning is, you have uttered some false or mean words and those words are coming back to haunt you. A dream of having broken or unusually worn-down teeth symbolizes the breakdown of an important relationship To dream of bleaching your teeth indicates a desire to get over bad habits and issues that have been making you unhealthy. It’s also a common dream to have when recovering from an illness. To dream of having very white and/or even teeth forecasts happiness and prosperity. If you dream of biting someone, or being bitten by a person or animal, you are engaged in a power struggle with someone. To dream of having something stuck in your teeth - or picking your teeth - is a warning of false friends in your close circle. To dream of fangs - whether it was you or someone else who had them - indicates that you have said some words that have been hurtful to others. Also see “Dentures. ”... teeth dream meaning

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To cut your own hair, or have it cut, is a sign of success in a new venture or sphere of activity. To cut someone else’s hair is a warning of hidden jealousy around you. A dream of braiding your hair predicts the forging of a new link of friendship, but to braid someone else’s hair portends an unhappy argument Curling or setting your hair pertains to em- tional affairs and promises either an improvement in your marital relations or a new romance. Bleaching your hair suggests you would be wise to be somewhat less flirtatious, and dyeing it suggests that you are allowing vanity to overcome your common sense. Having your hair pulled indicates untrustworthy friends or colleagues, and gray or white hair predicts sad (but not grievous) news. To put brilliantine (or similar treatment) on your hair to slick it down smoothly is a forerunner of brightening prospects and/or advancement in status; to have your hair done by a hairdresser is a warning against repeating gossip. Eating or chewing hair signifies that you would be well advised to give more attention to your own affairs and less to the affairs of others. To find hair on some unusual part of your body promises a steady increase in material wealth. See also Beard and Wig(s). ... problems dream meaning

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lucky numbers: 06-18-22-31-45-54allowing, to be cut up to your ears: unhappiness. another’s: own affairs wil need careful attention. beautiful long, having: want a sexual y vibrant lover. black: in a car accident an old acquaintance wil be renewed. blonde: get on with the onerous task of proving you are not dumb. brown: wil be a voluptuous person; whatever it takes. crew cut style, a: your liberality with your money, once exploited, leads to frugality. handful of, a: wil become poor by being overgenerous to annoying friends. long: wil receive something important. as her body, as: are being deceived by mate’s cowardice and effeminacy. conductor’s, a: wil be cheated by those with a lot of hair. red: are tel ing an untruth for the right to act according to your own morality or immorality. white: dignity as your physique weakens. very long: high hopes, but your lover is married. woman dreaming of: an inappropriate overevaluation of your personality. bleaching your: despite the hype to the contrary, gentlemen stil prefer blondes. blonde women, men dreaming of: reversals of inattention to the whole person. braiding your: have overromanticized your affair. unbraiding your: begin your new adventure into womanhood. brushing your: are recharging your energy and centering your growth. bun, wearing in a tight: restrained from interrelationships. burning: death of someone you know wil cast a pal over your aspirations. caressing: wil earn love and trust of mate despite yourself. combing lover’s hair: any sex problems wil be solved. another’s: warning to those who would be unfriendly to that person. curly, of: wil be antagonistic and surly until you are with the right mate. black: wil deceive with your charm to gain trust; then wil betray it. cutting: fear losing your spotless reputation. off your braids: reevaluate your habits; expect an explanation. dandruff, having: wipe out past offenses before approaching another. falling out: loss of friendship wil solve some annoying problems. golden, woman with: an audacious predator in the chase; a true woman’s woman. gray, turning: must endure difficulty in choosing a partner. being in the company of a person with: love after many rebuffs. comparing dark to: to keep youth you must choose a path; one wil age you faster. groomed, carefully: fear sex as contaminating. growing from the edge of the mouth: accept advice in the spirit given. on the back of the hands: wil offend discriminating society with your indiscretion. on the face of a woman: danger of losing fortune; wil have to support yourself. man having lost all of his: fear your impotence wil be bared to the public. forcibly shaven: wil lose your love from a sudden change to a pledge of celibacy. long: false dignity leads to weakness of character. short white: the wisdom that comes only with age. very little: want independence from moral taboos. woman, her: are mental y and physical y overextended. of own: continued prosperity in a new sphere of life. cutting, with scissors: wil be cal ed upon to help someone. getting thin or falling out: tend to split hairs; your disdain wil lose a worthy lover. mussing up: family quarrels wil be minor squabbles on close inspection. putting up: invigorate your soul with patience; engender your trials with fortitude. satisfied with the way, looks, being: wil be pleasant in your life journey; thus fortunate. washing: sorrow in dire happenings. worrying because, is turning gray: separation from family; displacement of lover. ponytail, in a: your vain desires are tempered with liveliness and enthusiasm. prisoners, of: wil be victorious over enemy’s shame, but indiscrete in yours. putting a net over own: wil have a terrible headache, which wil signify an unworthy al y. short, very: your emotions are too control ed; it wil not lessen the depth of your grief. snarled: a long legal action wil be the end to bad business and a burdensome marriage. someone pulling your: enemies are trying to harm you. tidying, at neck: get rid of characteristics that can’t handle the danger. trouble taking your, down, having: you emphasize your intel ect to hide your emotions. unkempt: are practicing unsafe sex; have lost or wil lose control of your future. washing your: deliverance from overwhelming misfortune. well-combed: your advancement wil be neglected through your loss of mental fortitude. wild, of an assailant: disdain for society’s reaction to your image embroils you in issues. ... hair dream meaning

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