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Argue / Arguments

Two aspects of an argument are worth noting from a spiritual perspective. You are trying to resolve some internal conflict or unsettled issue which may not yet have come to conscious knowledge.

If you are arguing with only one person the conflict is likely to be between two polarities of thought in you; with more than one person the issue is probably one connected with a wider, more global belief or concept.... argue / arguments dream meaning

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Arguing / Arguments

To dream that you get into an argument suggests that you will have unpleasant encounters with social rivals.

To see other people arguing means you are wasting your time and money in a real-life situation. It can also be a sign that others are gossiping about you.

If you dream that your boyfriend is fighting with someone other than you, it can be a sign that he is unworthy of your affections. Also see “Yelling.”... arguing / arguments dream meaning

My Dream Interpretation


1. Reflection of an argument one is having with some­one in waking life.

2. Problem that must be decided.

3. Parts of one’s personality are in conflict. ... argument dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


If you dreamed that you had a heated argument with someone, try to identify who that person was. Your dream may mirror real-life hostility between the two of you, or you may be consciously unaware of your aversion to that person or their aversion to you. Your unconscious may use the dream as an outlet to release feelings of aggression, or it may use the dream to alert your conscious self to the hidden aggression. If, however, you can find no reason for hostility between the person in your dream and yourself in waking life, then perhaps the dream argument represents an aspect of yourself—this interpretation is even more likely if you are arguing with someone you don’t know. Try to recall what the person looked like and what the argument was about.

If the dream focused on a young person arguing with an older person, perhaps the dream represented tension between the part of you that longs to be more spontaneous and the part of you that is a stickler for routine.... arguments dream meaning

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See size. ... big dream meaning

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big emotional issue becoming known. ... cicadas, big, green dream meaning

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Tall, Big

Depth Psychology: Everything that appears to be very tall and very big has made an extraordinary impression on you. Are you feeling small in comparison to what you see? Are you making yourself smaller than you really are? Is something in the dream much larger than it is in reality? Are you “making a mountain out of a molehiir? See Small.... tall, big dream meaning

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