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If raw and bloody, cancers and tumors of a malignant nature will attack the subject. Be on your guard as to bruises and hurts of any kind. To see, or eat cooked beef, anguish surpassing human aid is before you. Loss of life by horrible means will occur. Beef properly served under pleasing surroundings denotes harmonious states in love and business, if otherwise, evil is foreboded, though it may be of a trifling nature. ... beef dream meaning

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation


Spiritually mature, wise words or actions; see “food”... beef dream meaning

Dream Dictionary Unlimited


1. Financial security and well-being are in the future. 2. Possi­ble illness (spoiled, raw or not properly cooked). 3. A need for discretion (raw or undercooked). ... beef dream meaning

New American Dream Dictionary


It symbolises wealth accumulated during those prosperous years mentioned above. The same is the interpretation if the skin, urine, droppings or any other filth of the stomach is seen. But whether such wealth is lawful or unlawful will depend on the odour of the urine, droppings or filth. The same interpretation will be given if, instead of cows, the urine, droppings etc. of other animals are seen. If the odour is overpowering it represents wealth that is totally unlawful. There is no good to be expected from such wealth. ... beef dream meaning

Islamic Dream Interpretation


To dream that you are eating Beef or Mutton, shows that you will remain comfortably well off, but will never be rich. But if you appear to have plenty of food, but are unable to eat it, then you will have to appeal to others to help you. ... beef dream meaning

Mystic Dream Book


Dreams of beef symbolize that you are upset at someone and you are dealing with unfinished business. See Food. ... beef dream meaning

Strangest Dream Explanations


You would do well to keep your private affairs to yourself if you dreamed of raw or bloody beef. If you refused a serving of beef, it augurs a coming need for help and/or dependence on the generosity of a friend; however, if you ate the beef and enjoyed it, you can expect a business turn foi the better. See also Food, Eating, etc. ... beef dream meaning

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams


lucky numbers: 06-11-16-39-40-49boiled, eating: you wil be in deep melancholy. boiling water, dropping in: derive pleasure out of life. bones, taken from: a loss of wealth is anticipated. displaying at a show: actions wil be rewarded. eating, raw: your internal disorder spreads to family. roast: you wil have a pleasant life. stew: you wil be comfortably wel -off; long-lasting happiness. hamburger: be on guard as to bruises you can’t remember getting. meatloaf: evil, foreboding over a trifling matter. more than can eat: may result in mysterious cuts and bruises. purchasing to cook: winnings at gambling. tartar, eating: bodily afflictions if you do not perform sensibly. throwing away: imminent danger. ... beef dream meaning

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