What does it mean to see an bedclothes in a dream?

Bedclothes Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources


In some respects this is a dream of contrary which pertains primarily to your finances.

If you are well off and you dreamed of having lots of bedclothes, it is a warning against serious reverses through lack of proper supervision of your investments.

But if your income is on the modest to poor side, you can expect a comfortable improvement shortly.

To dream of putting a bolster on a bed signifies an embarrassing marital situation coming up; to put fresh slips on pillows predicts an approaching opportunity which should be grasped.

However, if your dream specifically concerned the condition of the bedclothes, then its significance must be interpreted according to whether the bed was clean and neatly made, pleasant or unpleasant in appearance, white or colored linen, etc., and such details should be looked up under their separate headings.

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Example: My lover and I were going to try and make love, both with our own hurts and being aware of each other s difficulties. We were both very gentle with each other.

A young girl came in under the bedclothes with us. I thought it would interfere, but I could see it wasn’t worrying her. She was playing hide and seek. We were in bed out in the open countryside’ (Hilary). Whether the young person is your own child, someone you know, or a stranger, it is usually an ex­pression of oneself at that age.

The dream above shows Hilary taking her teenage feelings into her lovemaking. This is be­cause Hilary had no chance during those years to mature sex­ually, so, as an older woman, she now finds herself meeting a young girl’s feelings with her lover.

If dreamt by a child, the adolescent depicts their feelings or assessment of their own future, or ways of meeting future relationships. See boy; girl; woman; man. ... adolescent dream meaning


This may be considered a dream of contrary.

If wealthy people dream of plenty of Bedclothes, it is a warning of loss of money. But if the dreamer is poor, or only moderately well-to-do, then it is a sign of coming improvement in the financial condition.... bed-clothes dream meaning


A feeling of numbness in a dream generally arises from an external physical condition such as too tight bedclothes or lying in an awkward position; however, it could have an organic origin and a medical checkup would be a good idea.... numb dream meaning


You can expect troubles due to your own imprudent behavior if the pillow was soiled or rumpled; otherwise the meaning of this dream symbol is the same as Mattress.

See also under Bedclothes and Colors.... pillow dream meaning


To dream of a luxuri- ous down quilt is an omen of increasing prosperity; a patchwork quilt signifies domestic happiness. See also Bedclothes.... quilt dream meaning


See Bedclothes.... sheetfs) dream meaning

Hot And Cold

Unless your bedroom is very hot or cold or you have too many or too few bedclothes, perceptions of being or feeling hot or cold in a dream are associated with your emotions. For instance, a refrigerator, freezer or cooler in your dream may indicate emotional coldness or even sexual frigidity in waking life; if you subsequently have dreams of thawing out or defrosting, this indicates that your feelings are changing and your attitudes and emotions are becoming more relaxed. You may even have put something on ice in waking life and feel you can’t make any more progress with it.

On the other hand, feelings of heat or warmth suggest passion for something in your waking life, or feelings of a sexual or loving nature towards someone. Remember, too, that heat is associated with fire and ice is associated with water. Dreams of a romantic sunrise or sunset may contain elements of wish-fulfillment, but they may also suggest feelings of inner optimism if it is a sunrise, and inner contentment with a sense of finality if it is a sunset.... hot and cold dream meaning

Cold / Cancer / Stroke

If you dream you have a cold, the most logical explanation is that you are literally feeling cold because you have kicked off your bedclothes. On the other hand, you may be feeling run down and your dreaming mind is urging you to give your immune system a boost with plenty of rest, good food and gentle exercise to prevent you succumbing to a cold.

If you are having a stroke in your dream, is there an area of your life in which you feel unable to take action and about which you are feeling particularly frustrated? If you dream that you have cancer or some other lifethreatening disease, it is unlikely that you actually have the disease in question. However, if you are concerned and feel run down, it might be worth seeing your doctor. It is more likely that the cancer in your dream is referring to a person or a problem that is eating away at you and lowering your resistance in real life. Try to work out who or what it may be. On the other hand, you may know someone who is born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and the dream could be referring in some way to them.... cold / cancer / stroke dream meaning


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apartment, in an: family secrets are concealed.

bedclothes, buying new: big love and friendship.

pulled from the bed: face the chal enge.

being in a: feel relaxed and secure in health and income.

boudoir, of a beautiful lady, being in the: separation from your mate.

making love in a: wil soon be arrested.

preparing a: good results in love affairs.

ugly lady, of an: wil have disputes.

friend’s, sleeping in a: wil become drunk.

hotel: stupid gossip about you is spread.

luxurious, someone’s: delays in present affairs.

own, of: changes in one’s affairs. ... bedroom dream meaning