What does it mean to see an bayonet in a dream?

Bayonet Dream Meaning: From 8 Different Sources


A symbol for caution.

If you stab someone with a bayonet, be careful in your dealings with the opposite sex.

If you are stabbed with a bayonet, you will suffer financial loss.

Gypsy Dream Dictionary | Raymond Buckland


Well-known phallic symbol. Fear of sex and war, as in Helmet, Shot, and Atom Bomb.

A symbol for distance, masculine aggressiveness.

Astrology: A symbol of Mars.

Little Giant Encyclopedia | Klaus Vollmar


A quarrel soon to be made up.

Mystic Dream Book | Internet Archive - Anonymous


1. A phallic symbol.

2. Fighting ahead (as in “pointed arguments”).

New American Dream Dictionary | Joan Seaman - Tom Philbin


To see a bayonet indicates fear of someone close the dreamer. Possession of the bayonet impels any danger, but warns that the dreamer must be alert to present circumstances.

Psycho Dream Interpretation | Ella Freeman Sharpe


To dream of a bayonet, signifies that enemies will hold you in their power, unless you get possession of the bayonet.

Ten Thousand Dream Interpretation | Gustavus Hindman Miller


Someone with whom you have had a quarrel will turn out to be a good friend if you dream of using a bayonet.

To dream of being stabbed by a bayonet means that you will be cheated in a business deal.

The Complete Dream Book | Gillian Holloway


lucky numbers: 13-14-21-26-33-39

carrying in the hands: verify the correct enemy in your own enterprises.

having a: success is postponed until you see fit to seek it.

soldier: mistakes need patching up to prevent separation of parties.

of a: quarrels with friends attack your heart.

others holding: you wil be under the power of enemies unless you get the bayonet.

Zolar’s Book of Dreams Numbers and Lucky Days |


See Atom Bomb. Aggression and destruction, fear of war, as in Bayonet, Siege. Frequently indicates that you are being too domineering and aggressive, or need to be more so. In psychoanalysis, a bomb explosion symbolizes orgasm.

The picture of an exploding bomb also points to an act of freeing oneself and of unloading. Addressed here is removing and shattering boundaries.... bomb dream meaning


Defense and discipline, attention, and insight. See Hermit, Dog, Bayonet, Lion.... guard dream meaning


Protection of the head sometimes turns around and suggests that the head is the protector. But it also may mean a stubborn hardhead. Symbol for fear of war, as in Shot, Bomb, Bayonet, Jet, Siege, Rifle.... helmet dream meaning

Jet Airplane

Speed of thought, fear of war, as in Helmet, Bayonet, Bomb, but more impersonal and technical. Aggression. Such dreams often appear when the airplane noise is real.... jet airplane dream meaning


The dreamer wants to impress others through power and strength—or may be intimidated by it. Fantasies of omnipotence are a symbol for aggression. It may also be an expression of fear, as in Helmet, Bomb, Bayonet, Shot. By far the most famous sexual symbol in classical psychoanalysis. it retains that meaning to this day.... rifle dream meaning


Confinement and narrowness, as in Amber, Trap, Elevator, Village, Cage. Fear of war, as in Bayonet, Shot, and, more specifically, Atom Bomb. What reserves are at your disposal during the time of siege?... siege dream meaning


lucky numbers: 20-26-33-35-43-46

buying a: be wary of whose face you see during target practice.

double-barreled: worries and conflicts to come through bad management decisions.

fired, hearing a: financial problems need to be sorted out before they snowbal .

firing a: your physical fitness and mental energy make it an auspicious time to start a project.

handling gunpowder: your adventure is inherently explosive.

having: should mend your ways before they explode on you.

having a: signifies your present problems incessantly on the verge of dishonor.

hunting with a: are putting off profound decisions in favor of life or death.

loaded, a: unfortunate feeling that violence is your only defense.

machine, a: feel weak and drained of strength.

man dreaming of gunpowder: your recent cantankerous behavior.

woman: are nervous and restless and wil divorce your husband.

young girl: fear of sexual activity if she marries a soldier.

merchant, a: wil dissolve a corporation.

others firing a: wil feel invalided for some time.

receiving a, as a gift: keep your impulses under control.

revolver, firing a: ful of bril iant ideas.

rifle with a bayonet: mistakes need patching up to prevent separation of partners.

shooting a person with a: can put that unpleasant episode behind you for good.

an enemy with a: a lawsuit wil end a harmful relationship.

yourself: can stand alone against any attacks.

shot by a, being: a serious il ness of the heart threatens.

traveling with a: fear of violence.

trigger against the enemy, pulling: wil be greatly criticized.

married woman: dishonor in love affairs.

teenagers: are pushing your actions beyond your ability to be responsive. ... gun dream meaning

Nuclear Bomb

If the cloud from a nuclear bomb appears in your dream this is a terrible symbol of utter destruction. However, its shape will be significant; if it appears in mushroom form, it can also be a symbol of regeneration and renewal after the destruction. See also DISASTERS.

Bayonets are thrusting weapons used in conjunction with guns, and in dreams they suggest extreme danger and a desire for total control, either aimed at someone else or directed against you.... nuclear bomb dream meaning