What does it mean to see an armored truck in a dream?

Armored Truck Dream Meaning: From 1 Different Sources

Armored Truck

Running into an armored truck may be a very direct sign that you have met someone who is well guarded emotionally.

An armored truck may also signify the need to protect your bank account from yourself or others, or it may be an indication that you have met someone who heavily guards their money and other resources.

(See Truck)

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A pickup means picking up and moving on; the larger the truck, the more power; research colors... truck dream meaning

Tow Truck

Symbolic of helping other people... tow truck dream meaning

Garbage Truck

Symbolic of needing to remove worthless things from your life... garbage truck dream meaning

Cement Truck

This taick may signify the delivery of concrete and steadfast elements or ideas. Pouring cement may represent solidifying your plans by working out the details and making the necessary arrangements.

The truck may also mean that you are ready to lay the foundation for a new project.... cement truck dream meaning

Delivery Truck

Whether it’s UPS or FedEx, the appearance of a delivery truck in the neighborhood may symbolize the arrival of a special gift into your life. It may also point out the need tc take your own special gifts out into the worldwide market.... delivery truck dream meaning

Dump Truck

Usually carrying a ton of dirt, a dump truck may warn that someone in your life is about to dump a load of dirt on you. Thus, it may remark on being the target of ridicule. It may also carry away the negativity in your life.

(See Truck)... dump truck dream meaning

Moving Truck

The arrival of a moving truck at your front door may be a direct message to move out of an old environment, mentioning that a change is needed. Metaphorically, it may reflect a change that liberates you and will expand your horizons.

(See Truck)... moving truck dream meaning

Pickup Truck

Associated with the masculine ego and male power, a pickup truck in a woman’s dream may signify that she is about to be picked up by a man.

The truck may arrive at your door to state that it is time to get more directly into your power and accelerate forward toward your goals.... pickup truck dream meaning

Semi Truck

A vehicle that carries a big load, a semi truck passing you on the road in your dreams may demonstrate how much of a workload or emotional load you are carrying. Perhaps you need to unload on a good friend.... semi truck dream meaning

Motor Truck

(See Collision).... motor truck dream meaning

Tank, Armored Car

Vision: Seeing a tank means difficulties arc piling up. Somebody on the job wants to “roll over you”—look for safety. Riding in a tank: you are reminded—rather cruelly—of promises or responsibilities you made some time ago—you need to fulfill them, even if it is difficult.

Depth Psychology: As a weapon, the tank is a symbol of Aggression.... tank, armored car dream meaning

Truck Stop

To dream that you are at a truck stop denotes that you need to take your mind off things that are weighing you down. Take time for some rest and relaxation.... truck stop dream meaning

Cement / Cement Truck

Dreaming of a cement truck suggests you feel frustrated in a real-life situation - you need to make a fresh start.... cement / cement truck dream meaning

Ice Cream Truck

Dreaming of buying a treat from an ice cream truck, is an omen of happiness and success.

If you dream of missing the ice cream truck, or chasing it without catching it, you are feeling sad or frustrated because you missed out on an opportunity.... ice cream truck dream meaning