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The keywords of this dream: Amla Dekhna Khaty Hve

Influential People In World History

Certain key figures in human history have had such an impact on world history that your unconscious may have stored the information—perhaps from school or college days, or even from a documentary or media report—and then drawn upon that knowledge to create an image that can encourage, teach or inspire you in dreamland. The list below contains some of the world’s most influential figures and gives keywords to trigger personal associations. Please note that the list is by no means comprehensive or definitive; if the influential person in your dreams isn’t listed here or in this chapter and you want to find associations that have meaning and relevance to you, it might be worthwhile reading their biography or autobiography, or investigating their life story and significance to world history.

Alexander the Great: Conqueror, empire building, warrior archetype.

Aristotle: İnfluential greek philosopher, the importance of asking questions and challenging conventional thought.

Bell, Alexander Graham: İnventor of telephone, communication, networking .

Bonaparte, Napoleon: French emperor, tactician, warrior archetype, exile.

Columbus, Christopher: Explorer, led europe to the americas, new territories to discover, new potential.

Confucius: The founder of confucianism, wise old man archetype.

Copernicus, Nicolas: Priest, astronomer, taught heliocentricity, the world revolves around the sun.

Daguerre, Louis: Pioneer of photography, vision, impressions, image change.

Darwin, Charles: Biologist, formulated theory of evolution, survival of the fittest.

Descartes, René: Rationalist philosopher and mathematician, logic, reason, ı think therefore ı am.

Edison, Thomas: İnventor of light bulb, illumination, insight.

Einstein, Albert: Physicist, theory of relativity, greatness achieved by power of the mind.

Fermi, Enrico: Father of atomic bomb, ultimate weapon of destruction, the last resort.

Fleming, Alexander: Penicillin, advances in bacteriology, immunology and chemotherapy, strengthening your defenses.

Ford, Henry: İndustrialist, revolutionized mass production, the repetition of the production line.

Galilei, Galileo: Catholic astronomer, accurately described heliocentric solar system, visionary, conflict of authority with freedom of thought.

Gutenberg, Johann: Developed movable type, printed bibles, communication, the printed word.

Machiavelli, Niccolò: Author of the prince, archetype of the manipulator.

Marconi, Guglielmo: İnventor of the radio, communication, words, reaching a large audience.

Marx, Karl: Social philosopher, marxist communism, class struggle.

Michelangelo: Painter; sculptor, architect, diversity, energy, talent.

Moses: God’s messenger, leader of people out of slavery.

Muhammad: Prophet of ıslam, founder of major world religion, military and political leader, pure ideals, indomitable will.

Newton, Isaac: Physicist, theory of universal gravitation, laws of motion, universe working like clockwork.

St Paul: Proselytizer of christianity, dogma, tradition, rules and regulations.

Plato: Greek philosopher, intellectual focus on spiritual concepts rather than physical elements of life.

Shakespeare, William: Playwright, understanding of complete range of human emotions, stupendous output.

Voltaire: Writer and philosopher, crusade against tyranny and bigotry, the importance of tolerance.

Washington, George: First president of the united states of america, the basic rights of the individual, david versus goliath.

Watt, James: Developer of steam engine, new possibilities, travel.

William the Conqueror: First king of modern england, beginning a new project, invasion.

Wright, Orville and Wilbur: Inventors of airplane, longing to escape, fly away or reach new heights... The Element Encyclopedia


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The Audience

Who is the audience in your dreams when you receive or don’t receive recognition? Who is there to see you succeed or fail? How does their presence make you feel? Scared? Supported? Distracted? Proud? Are they cheering you on? Or are they holding you back?

Typically the people we choose to watch and comment on our progress dreamland are those authority figures who exist in both our waking land and our memories. Parents and family members tend to be the most persistent authority figures in dreams about success and recognition. It is up to you to work out how much their values and dreams guide and nourish you, and to what extent they keep you from the finishing line. How often does your boss or a work colleague or an old teacher or friend from school appear in your dreams?

Chances are when they do, your dreams are about proving yourself, and either failing or succeeding?

Is your partner there cheering you on, or is he or she absent?

Which friends are there to watch your moment of glory in your dreams? If it is someone who hasn’t been in your life for years, what does he or she stand for? We all have authority figures in our dreams and in our lives. They are necessary because they each represent something important. They can guide us, warn us, and give us the feeling that we are supported. On the other hand, they can also undermine us, hold us back when we need to be moving forward, or drive us harder towards impossible to reach goals. See also ARCHETYPES.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Dreams are often the perfect forum for experimenting with courageous impulses. Triumphant or courageous dreams when you succeed in a task, pass a difficult test or win when you thought you would lose can bring a great sense of elation.

If you have such a dream it could be because you undervalue your abilities. Is it a wish-fulfillment dream to compensate for failures and inhibitions in waking life? Or is it a motivating dream that encourages you to become more confident about succeeding in waking life by rehearsing your success in dreamland?... The Element Encyclopedia


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Circus dreams represent the instinctive, passionate, creative sides of our nature. How well are these instincts performing? Have they been brought under control? If you’re enjoying the performance, this suggests that you are expressing your creativity.

If you dislike or are bored by the performance, your dream mirrors a sense of frustration in your daily life.

If you are performing in the circus it might be a sign that you need a more fulfilling job where you can show off your talents.

If an animal escapes or you feel unhappy about the animals being involved in the performance, this could indicate a change of direction in your life or a love interest outside marriage. The circus audience in your dream is also significant because it suggests how your efforts are being received in waking life. Finally, don’t forget that circus dreams may simply be an observation that your waking life resembles a chaotic circus and has become thoroughly disorganized.

If your unconscious portrayed you as a juggler in your dream, was it referring to the many commitments you have to juggle or manage in your waking life? Did you drop any of your dream balls or did you keep them in the air? If you were walking a tightrope or performing acrobatics in dreamland, this may suggest that you feel you are treading a fine line to maintain balance in a tricky situation in waking life.

If you were dressed as a clown, sporting a huge smile painted on your face, do you feel under pressure to present a cheerful front to others during your waking hours, when you actually feel the opposite? If someone you know was transformed into a clown, they may be the ones feeling under pressure to ‘perform’ in waking life. Also consider if your dream clown was a manifestation of the archetypal trickster / clown whose jokes have a serious meaning.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Dummy / Feeding-bottle / Nappy / Pacifier / Rattle

If you are pregnant, any baby-related items that appear in dreamland may be reflections of your current preoccupation with all things baby.

If you are not pregnant or thinking about starting a family, baby-related items in dreams link in with the birth theme of new beginnings and possibilities. They can also represent your desire to be supported, loved and protected.

If you dream of a baby sitter or nanny, this may be a warning or a comment on your own security and ability to handle things by yourself.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Clothes And Image

Dreams about clothes are very common and they usually tell you something about your self-image.

In waking life, clothes protect, conceal and reveal and so in dreams they depict the façade, or persona, you create for other people; by so doing, they tell you where you may be vulnerable or exposed in waking life. The colors and condition of your dream clothes are especially important as they may symbolize how you are feeling about yourself, or how others perceive you. For example, if you were dressed in brightly colored designer clothes and were basking in the admiration of others, this may indicate good self-esteem, whereas if you were dressed in dark, shabby-looking garments in dreamland, and you felt miserable and self-conscious, it may be that this is how you are feeling in the real world.

Dreams about clothes can often focus on whether you are wearing the right outfit for the right occasion. For example, you may turn up at a party dressed totally inappropriately, you may have problems getting dressed, or you may find yourself walking naked down a busy street. Such dreams are rarely about sex and more about feelings of vulnerability, although they are sometimes about freedom from inhibitions. See also COLORS.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Waterfall / Fountain / Spring / Rapids / Well

Dreams of a waterfall or rapids may be referring to birth, especially ones in which you are swept along in a warm stream of water through a tunnel and emerge into a pool or lagoon, as it is thought that we all carry the memory of birth in our unconscious. On the other hand, the dancing waters may be reflecting your sense of happiness and exuberance in waking life. A dream of a fountain (suggests womanhood) or a hosepipe (suggests manhood) may have a sexual connotation.

If the jet was weak, then it may suggest that sexual desire is not matched by emotional commitment (or the other way round) A steady flow of water is probably symbolic of confidence in waking life.

In dreamland, springs can represent a source of untapped creativity and they can also hint at wisdom, because another name for spring is fount, suggesting ‘fount of all knowledge’. Wells in dreams can hint at emotional rebirth or good fortune, as wishing wells have been credited with wish- fulfillment for centuries. So if you dreamed of drawing water from a well, what is it that you long for? Because wells are sources of water, it could be that your waking life has become emotionally dry and that you are thirsting for a revival of feeling.... The Element Encyclopedia


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During the early years of your waking life it is likely that you were physically and emotionally dependent on one or both of your parents or, if either or both were absent, on an alternative mother or father figure. As you emerged into adolescence and adulthood, the chances are you became less reliant on them, yet memories of that early dependency usually remain with you on a conscious or unconscious level. Because your parents had such a great influence over you at a time when your personality was developing and you began to assert your individuality and independence, your feelings towards them will remain intense.

Dreams that feature your parents can have numerous interpretations but the key to understanding them depends on the feelings you associate with your parents, particularly those when you where a child and your parents were the center of your universe. When your dream parents are true to character, the message of your dream is usually easy to understand. For example, if your parents appeared in your dream with words of encouragement and love and they were, or are, this warm and loving in real life, then your dream may simply indicate that you are feeling insecure and in need of validation or unconditional love. Perhaps you dreamt that your parents scolded you about your recent poor performance at work and you have memories of them chiding you harshly over poor grades at school? If this is the case, it may be that your dream is highlighting your dissatisfaction at not living up to the standards your parents instilled in you.

If your parents appear together in your dream, this indicates the rules and codes you learned as a child that still speak to you from within.

If you are hurting, killing, burying or trying to avoid a parent in your dream, this suggests a desire to be free from restraints and values gathered from your parents. You may feel shocked by such a dream, but it is in fact a healthy sign of emerging independence as when your dream parents die or are beaten, you can inherit the power gained from what was good in your relationship.

Dreams in which your parents appear foolish, drunk or disorderly have a similar interpretation; they are a means of gaining independence from internalized values. Dreams in which your parents are crushing you are fairly easy to interpret, suggesting that you need to break away from childhood behavior patterns and develop as an individual. Dreams in which parents die or are dead already can be interpreted the same way. When a parent appears in your environment, home or workplace in your dream and there is no sense of tension, this indicates that you have learned to develop your sense of self and can accept your parents as friends.

Frequent appearances by one or both parents in dreams may be a sign that you have not thrown off an infantile overdependence on them. Jung cites a young man’s dream in which the man’s father appeared as a drunken driver, smashing his car into a wall. This was the exact opposite of the man’s real father, who was a most respectable person, and who was rightly—but far too greatly— respected by the son. What the unconscious was doing through the dream was dethroning the father in order to enable the son to achieve a proper sense of himself as a person in his own right, with his own unique destiny and values. So if your dreams regularly feature your parents, this may suggest that you are more dependent on them than is healthy at this stage in your life. Dreams in which your parents hurl abuse at you or behave inappropriately may therefore be trying to shock you into taking your mother or father off their pedestal so you can give yourself some much-needed emotional independence and freedom.

Whether or not your parent’s behavior in real life mirrors their behavior in its dreamland negative, reoccurring dreams about parents often raise the question of whether it is time for you to become more independent and strike out on your own, regardless of what your parents may think is best for you in waking life.

If you behaved inappropriately towards your parents in your dream, for example swearing at them, listing their faults or even murdering them, such a dream is likely to be a safety valve that enables you to let off tension that you may have been repressing in waking life. It is also likely to be an indication that you need to break free of parental control and take charge of your destiny. Finally, if an interpretation of the appearance of your mother and father still eludes you, it may be that your anima (if you are a man who dreamed of your mother) and your animus (if you are a woman who dreamed of your father) may be making an appearance; alternatively, it may be that another archetype has disguised itself as one of your parents.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Ancestors / Extended Family

Dreams that feature your ancestors in some way indicate the web of cultural and family influences from which your personality has arisen.

If a particular ancestor is highlighted, then you need to explore your personal associations with that person. For example, your great-aunt could have been renowned for her psychic abilities, so a dream about her might represent that intuitive tendency in you. Family scenes in your dream may represent feelings of security and unity, or a desire for this in your waking life. The appearance of your whole family together in a dream can indicate that you are yearning for the security and togetherness of childhood and home. On the other hand, if you dream that you see your family but are not present among them or are ignored by them, perhaps you feel emotionally distant from them at present. The appearance or mention of your family name in dreamland calls attention to your heritage or family situation.

If family planning is a feature of your dream, this suggests the need to take responsibility for your future. A family room suggests congeniality. Members of the extended family (such as cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews) usually appear in a dream as an aspect of yourself relevant to the person you dreamed about. For example, if your cousin is shy in waking life, his appearance in a dream may refer to the inhibited part of yourself.

To dream of a family tree may indicate your true spiritual heritage, providing you with a record of your origins and your place in the overall scheme of things; alternatively, if you believe in reincarnation, particularly genetic reincarnation, it may represent your own past lives.

If you are finding it difficult to analyze the meaning of your dream, it may be that your unconscious has cast a feminine or masculine archetype in the role of the relation. To determine if this is the case, ask yourself if your dream uncle has more in common with the archetypal wise old man than your father’s brother, or if your dream niece has more in common with the archetypal amazon or huntress.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Our fascination and adoration of favorite celebrities stems from a desire to emulate their positive qualities or talents. We admire them for their beauty and creative talent, and sometimes for their humanitarian work and political activism. Frequently we feel that these people are doing something that we would love to do but cannot because we have neither the opportunity nor the self-confidence. Whether you yearn to be as good looking, rich or powerful as the star that ascended from your unconscious depths into your dreamland, or whether you simply have a crush on them, such dreams are typically a wishfulfillment response of your unconscious to your desires.

As well as giving you temporary gratification and adding a hint of glamor to your life (perhaps in compensation for anxieties about your personal appearance or boredom with the routine of your life), your dream celebrity may have had another purpose. A dream of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne or other celebrated icons of manliness may, if you are a man, have been acting out your anima; if you are a woman, your animus may have been Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn. Any of these stars may have highlighted personal qualities that you greatly admire, would like to possess or are relevant to your current situation. For example, if you dreamed of Nelson Mandela, would you like—or do you need—to become more compassionate, patient and tolerant? It may also be that you long to change your direction in life and your dreaming mind has summoned up a representative to encourage and inspire you to follow your dreams.

If you secretly yearn to be a singer / songwriter, a dream of sharing the stage with a top group and together sending the crowd wild may encourage you to pursue your vision. Finally, bear in mind that whenever a celebrity appears in your dream, they are typically someone you have admired for a long time; such a dream may also suggest that you want some of the recognition that routinely comes their way. Maybe your role in waking life is hidden from view? Being singled out by a celebrity in your dream—no doubt to the envy of your dream friends who suddenly see you with new admiring eyes—suggests that you somehow feel undervalued in your waking life or taken for granted by those around you.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Meeting A Famous Person

Famous people appear in dreamland just as they do in the media. On the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, thousands of people described how they had dreamed of her. During his presidency, Bill Clinton was also an extremely common dream figure in the United States. His vitality and leadership ability seemed to strike a chord with men and women alike. As they sorted through power issues in themselves and others, dreams of the president offered a forum to explore the dynamics involved. Whenever there is a major event involving someone famous or someone charismatic dominating public awareness, you can expect an upsurge in this type of dream.

Getting to meet your hero or heroine is usually an expression of a wishfulfillment dream. Typically, the celebrity appears as a friend and gives helpful advice. The famous person may be living or from the past, but in your dream you regard them as your best friend. They may even visit you in your home in recognition of the special bond between you.

If you dream of meeting a famous person, ask yourself if you would like more recognition for your star qualities in your waking life.

If this doesn’t apply, ask yourself what the famous person means to you. What psychological characteristics and traits does this person symbolize to you?

Famous people in our dreams are telling us to ‘Go for it!’ by integrating the positive qualities we admire in them into our own personalities. Reflect upon what this person symbolizes for you. The primary qualities you admire may not necessarily be fame, beauty or money. You may place greater value on psychological aspects such as their drive or even recovery from an addiction or tragedy. Get in touch with these aspects of yourself and work to bring them into focus and manifestation. In some cases dreams of meeting famous people don’t highlight feelings of inferiority in waking life they can empower you and add real value. For example, to dream of meeting, talking or even helping a person such as the late Mother Teresa might plant the kernel of an idea into your mind that you might find great satisfaction in voluntary work of charitable donation.

If you dream of meeting the prime minister or president or running for high office, the dream’s interpretation depends on how you rate the value of politicians in society.

If you dream of meeting a famous writer, such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens or J. K. Rowling, perhaps you have always longed to write a book or perhaps you want to express yourself better in waking life so your opinions can influence or stimulate other people.

If you dream of being a great composer such as Mozart or Beethoven, do you yearn for passion and creativity in your waking life? Mozart represents the tragic image of a great artist cut down in their prime. Mozart also represents effortless beauty achieved through dedication and hard work. Ludwig von Beethoven was a musician of extraordinary talent and his heroic ability to challenge convention and create timeless beauty out of adversity makes his story extraordinary.

If you dream of meeting a great artist, such as Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps you have an artistic talent you need to nurture or simply feel that your life should be more creative. Dreams that feature Leonardo da Vinci may evoke in you a desire to share the secrets of his genius. Perhaps you yearn to understand life’s mysteries? If Picasso appears in your dreams, perhaps in conjunction with his famous cubist paintings in which he has broken down a face or a body into its various facets, the dream image may express a need to understand all aspects of your life, observe them separately and then put them together to make sense of them all. To dream of Picasso suggests the importance of observing life’s complexity even if you cannot understand it.

Whatever famous or influential person you meet, or become, your dreams are all ones of aspiration and striving to achieve your ideals. See also PEOPLE; ROLES.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Good And Evil People In Dreams

Now and again your dreaming mind may conjure up powerful images of notoriously evil people to warn you against the destructive effects of negative forces in yourself, or in some aspect of your waking life. These people embody the classic shadow or villain archetype. Similarly, your dreaming mind may come up with images of people celebrated for their incredible compassion and goodness; your unconscious may have chosen such people to inspire and encourage you to find healing within, or to reach out to others with compassion. Such images are typically archetypal symbols of the teacher and healer.

The following list is merely a starting point, being far from comprehensive, but if any of these well-known figures appear in your dreams, try to find out why. They are such vivid and colorful examples of the potential power of good or evil in waking life that their appearance in dreamland should be taken extremely seriously as a powerful message from your unconscious.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Buddhism, far more than Christianity or Islam, has a very strong pacifist element. The orientation toward non-violence has played a significant role in the political history of Buddhist countries. In dreams, the Buddha characterizes the highest spiritual attainment; enlightenment and the true wisdom that accompanies it. The Dalai Lama is head of the dominant Dge-lugs-pa order of Tibetan Buddhists and, until 1959, both spiritual and temporal ruler of Tibet. In 1989 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in recognition of his non-violent campaign to end Chinese domination of Tibet. In dreams, a meeting with the Dalai Lama suggests a message of justice, peace and inner strength.

In dreams, Jesus Christ symbolizes love, a high spiritual messenger or someone who sacrifices everything for a goal, whilst Mother Teresa is the archetypal mother figure who characterizes selfless love, compassion and giving aid. Once Mother Teresa was asked how she could continue visiting the terminally ill, day after day after day, feeding them, wiping their brows, giving them comfort as they lay dying. She said, ‘It’s not hard, because in each one I see the face of Christ in one of His more distressing disguises.’ Abraham Lincoln paved the way to freeing the slaves from oppression, and so in dreams he represents integrity and things of which you should be proud.

Martin Luther King was an American clergyman, Nobel Prize winner, a prominent advocate of non-violent protest and one of the principal leaders of the American civil rights movement. His ‘I have a dream’ speech is known the world over and in dreamland the appearance of King himself may be urging you to commit yourself to a cause and strive to achieve your dreams. A similar figure is Mahatma Gandhi, an Indian nationalist leader who established his country’s independence from Britain through a non-violent revolution.

If Gandhi appears in dreams, he characterizes living spirituality or fighting for spiritual principles.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Withered Or Dead Flowers

To see withered or dead flowers in your dream denotes disappointments and gloomy situations. You may not be utilizing your full potential and talents.

If you receive wilted blooms in dreamland as a gift from someone you know, think about the nature of your relationship with that person; your unconscious might have detected that the relationship is weakening. Similarly, if you are pricked by a hidden thorn in a bunch of roses given by colleague who was congratulating you in a dream scenario, is it possible that they are concealing real feelings of resentment towards you in waking life? If you gave a bunch of dead flowers to a difficult or strict former schoolteacher, could this highlight your extreme dislike of that person? To see flowers blooming in barren soil, however, signifies that your energy and cheerful nature will enable you to overcome your grievances.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Bar / Pub / Tavern

Bars, pubs and taverns are dreamland places in which you can overcome your inhibitions. What is the atmosphere like? If it is friendly, your dreaming mind may be urging you to overcome your isolation.

If the atmosphere is pleasant and upbeat, this suggests you are feeling optimistic about your future but if drunkenness or a brawl occurs, are you about to boil over with uncontrolled anger, or is a situation in your waking life getting out of control?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


Dream celebrations tend to reflect feelings of satisfaction you may have about yourself in waking life.

If images of Christmas, Easter, New Year or Thanksgiving appear in your dream, your dreaming mind may be prompting you to pay more attention to your spiritual beliefs.

If Christmas is disappointing or forgotten in your dreams, perhaps you need to lower your expectations in waking life.

If you were taking part in a carnival or procession in your dream, who or what was in the procession or carnival? Were you getting involved in the action or missing out on what your waking life has to offer? If your dream festival was celebrating someone or something, who or what was being celebrated may hold the key to the interpretation.

If you dream of a village fete, it is well to recall that these events often involve some rivalry and competition; perhaps this is significant to your interpretation. To dream of any occasion for rejoicing, such as a graduation, birthday party, promotion or investiture is a positive sign of an upbeat mood.

If you are not joining in with the fun, consider whether you need to brighten up your outlook on life. In general, dream celebrations present us with images of what life could be like if you got that promotion, passed that examination or got the partner of your dreams. They are good examples of wish-fulfillment in dreams. Chilled champagne, finger food, piñatas and brightly colored decorations are all symbols of celebration that may emphasize an elated waking mood in dreamland.

real or imagined family arguments, disagreements, tensions and grudges to highlight and bring to your attention those unresolved tensions associated with your family life that are still holding you back in your waking life; for example, sibling rivalry or lack of respect for authority or the parent figure. Alternatively if your family life is healthy and happy, and you still have dreams in which family arguments occur, your dreaming mind may conjure up such images to highlight possible feelings of insecurity; perhaps you feel that you are failing to live up to the standards and expectations of your relatives.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Board Game

Games in dreamland symbolize the manner in which the dreamer is approaching life. Individual games, such as solitaire, will indicate your tendency for self- absorption, where excelling or enjoyment is a significant motive. Interactive games, such as chess, indicate that competition is a significant motive for you. In either case, the dream will be highlighting your thought processes, mental skills and dexterity. In general, dream board and card games indicate how you are rising to a particular challenge in your waking life or how successfully you are playing the hand that fate has dealt you.

Little physical effort is required when playing board and card games, so games of this nature tend to focus on your intellectual performance or ability to think and react quickly. Pay attention to the tactics you use whilst playing and to your overall strategy. Were you calm and controlled with a set of tactics, or were you out of control? Was your game defensive or offensive? What is the dream telling you about your ability to respond to external stimuli in the directing of directing of your life? Are you self-motivated, continually striving to better your skill, or do you rely on competition for motivation? Your answer to questions such as these will tell you much about your current approach to waking life.

Consider too the colors of the pieces or cards you were using and what they might signify. For example, if you were playing with white chess pieces, do you associate yourself with kindness and your opponent with malevolence? If you are accused of cheating in your dream, are you deceiving anyone in waking life? Games in which pieces are moved around a board at the throw of a dice are often designed to mirror life’s challenges and this is often what they represent in dreams, suggesting fears or concerns about factors you can’t control. The game board reveals the moves you make in life and a games room stands for a meeting place in which plans and strategies are devised. A game show cautions against a desire to consider yourself intellectually superior.

Specific dreams may have their own symbolism; for example sexuality in snakes and ladders and the repercussions of your actions in games that require dominos. A game of backgammon may point to your desire to resolve the secrets of your unconscious (the inner table) before time or the other player stops you. Pool, billiards or snooker suggest clever scheming, combined with the skill to accomplish a goal. The condition of the poolroom will give you a clue as to whether this refers to healthy competition or dirty dealings, whilst the pool table refers to the issue or subject of your plans.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


If your unconscious depicted you as rolling a dice and hoping for a six, does this suggests that you feel as if your destiny is not in your hands but in the hands of fate, or that the direction your life will take is out of your control? Or are you dicing with death and taking a big risk in your life? Any dream in which you are gambling may be considered a warning that you are risking something for which you have worked in real life and that the odds are stacked against you. On the other hand, if your gamble came off in dreamland and you won a bet or money, perhaps your dreaming mind is encouraging you to be a little less cautious in waking life and take a chance on something as it has the potential to yield great reward. This does not have to be the lottery or a horse race; it could be an emotional investment. Winning a large amount of money on the lottery in dreamland is a common wish-fulfillment dream. The dream may also be warning you that if you hope to achieve your goals without any effort expended on your part, your chances of success are minimal. Freudians relate lottery or money dreams to anal preoccupation and the desire to break with miserliness.

Making any kind of wager or bet in your dream may stand for a gamble you are taking in waking life. Your dreaming mind is urging you to weigh up the odds and consider how much you are risking. The rhythmic gallop of the horses may symbolise sexual intercourse and if you are betting on a horse in your dream, this may reflect the emotional weight of success or failure as far as a relationship is concerned. Playing for high stakes at poker in your dream can imply that you are being too impressionable and emotionally insecure in your personal relationships, whilst to play poker with strangers indicates a lack of emotional connection in your life.

If you visit a fortune teller in your dream, this expresses concern about your future prospects; if you are a skeptic, such a dream may represent a crisis of faith in the powers of reason.

Light Entertainment... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia


According to Freud, an envelope is a symbol of female sexuality and putting a letter into an envelope represents sexual intercourse.

If the envelope is left unopened, this may represent virginity or sexual repression. Leaving a letter unopened in an envelope may also suggest that you are not taking advantage of an opportunity in real life. In dreamland, as in real life, envelopes are symbols of mystery and we can never be really sure of what they contain until we open them.

If you are awaiting news about something or someone and dream of holding an envelope in your hand, your dream is probably just reflecting your anticipation.

If you open the letter and discovered either positive or negative news, don’t read too much into it; your unconscious was probably just mirroring your fears or fulfilling your deepest wishes. In other words, your dream may come true in waking life but it also may not.

If you had a dream in which you received an envelope and recognized the handwriting of an old friend, this may reflect your desire to see them again.

If you are struggling financially and dreamed of shoving envelopes into the dustbin, this message from your unconscious is a warning that if you continue to ignore your financial situation, your unconscious will continue to send you such dreams until you deal with the problem in real life.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Verbal Communication

Telephones and cellphones in dreams are symbols of instant communication in both the real world and dreamland. The message of your dream in which you picked up the phone to call someone almost certainly indicates that you are thinking about them and need to communicate something to them.

If you had a telephone conversation that was one sided and you couldn’t get a word in, does this mirror how you feel about someone in waking life or was your unconscious simply urging you to be more assertive in waking life?

Alternatively, was your unconscious drawing your attention to your own tendency to monopolize conversations? Dreaming of phone or cellphone conversations may also be reminding you to say or do something in waking life; the context of your dream and the symbols within it may give you a clue as to what that‘something’ is.

If, in your dream, you dialed a number and nobody picked up the phone, do you feel that nobody is listening to your point of view in waking life?

Similarly if you dreamed of making a call to the emergency services, could your unconscious be expressing your fear about someone or something in your waking life or that you are in urgent need of support or help.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Telepathic Messages In Dreams

There is one form of communication that requires no paper, pen, computer or phone: thought transference or telepathy. Although the jury is still out as to whether telepathy is a real phenomenon or not, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is; you may have experienced it yourself in dreams. For example, if you had a dream of your much-loved cousin being badly injured in a car crash, and then woke to receive news that he had been involved in such a car crash during the night, your cousin may have communicated his pain telepathically to you. In most cases, telepathy is thought to occur between two people who have a very close or empathetic relationship and the sender may often be unaware of transmitting their emotions to the receiver. The most common published accounts of telepathy and ESP are between lovers or family members, and focus on a life-threatening injury or death. Psychics believe these people are able to tune into each other’s frequencies as they are so close to each other emotionally; a twin brother, for example, will sense the pain of his twin sister. In times of crisis, we send out our message and those who are in tune will pick it up.

Another example of dream telepathy is called shared dreaming, in which people try to meet up with each other in dreamland or to dream of the same landscape.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Loss Of Body Parts

Because the body often represents the self, loss of body parts or injuries to your body in dreamland can symbolize the emotional pain of losing parts of yourself. A dream that some part of your body is amputated can leave you with a feeling of irreplaceable loss. Such images may refer to the loss of a loved one but they can also appear when what you have lost is less tangible—for example, the love or respect of someone or your own self-respect. Psychologists give the name‘fragmentation’ to the process when you give up parts of yourself in order to fit in with or please others. This is something we all do, but if your own true nature is overly censored, the unconscious may send out warning signals about what you stand to lose by the denial of aspects of yourself.

Dreams in which you lose a hand or a foot,are missing an internal organ or have a body part disappear or fall off are therefore often signs that some part of your potential is being lost due to the path you have chosen. The common dream of losing teeth may reflect waking problems but can also symbolize loss, the break up of relationships, moving house, moving away or any other change which involves the ending of one phase in life and the beginning of another.

If the teeth become loose but stay in your mouth choking you, this could mean that you are holding something back or keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself; the price is some form of damage to yourself. A dream in which you lose your virginity is a reflection of the loss of childhood innocence. What have you lost recently in waking life that has damaged your previous system of beliefs? See also BODY; SICKNESS AND HEALTH.... The Element Encyclopedia


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In dreamland, pensions are generally associated with aging or old age, so if you had a dream in which you were collecting your pension or setting up a pension, your dreaming mind may be urging you to do just that.

If you received your pension payout in your dreams, pay attention to how you felt about it. Did you feel delighted or lost? The answer will tell you not just about your attitude to aging, but about your attitude to work and whether you are working to live or living to work.... The Element Encyclopedia


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When numbers feature significantly in your dream they can either have a personal or a symbolic association.

Should numbers appear in your dreams, first make a note of any personal associations you may have with that particular number, as it may have relevance in your waking world. For example, numbers can represent your age, the number of your house, the number of your children and their birth order. They can also represent time, days, weeks, years and lucky or unlucky numbers.

Your mind may often retain the significance of a number even if you do not consciously remember it yourself. Your memory is a database that stores all kinds of numbers of personal significance: pin numbers, post codes, license plate numbers, as well as dates of birthdays and anniversaries, be they personal or of global significance such as 6 / 6 / 1944 (D-Day) or 9 / 11 / 2001. So when you dream of a number, consider any connections you have with it as its significance in dreamland may not be immediately clear. By bringing a specific number to your attention, your dreaming mind may have been prompting your conscious mind to remember something that happened on that particular date or in the house you lived in that had that particular number; it might, however, have been reminding you to call a friend with that phone number or to remember an appointment on that day.

If you cannot figure out any personal associations, the next step is to see whether you can see symbolic meanings for individual numbers.

If your number has more than one digit, reduce it to single numbers: e.g. 451 = 4 + 5 + 1 = 10 = 1, or 1965 = 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 21 = 2 + 1 = 3, and see whether the single number carries any meaning for you according to the symbolic interpretations given in this chapter.

Numbers have some kind of symbolic significance within all cultures, religions and belief systems of the world. Since humans could first count, numbers have had a fascinating, mysterious and even mystical significance. Early man found in numbers realizations of inner qualities, spiritual understanding, unconscious wisdom and even magic. For Freud, numbers reveal their meaning through each individual dreamer’s free association. In myth, legend and fairy tale numbers play an important role and these ancient associations—which Jung called ‘root symbols’—are expressed in dreams. According to Jung, numbers therefore represent ‘archetypal energies of the collective unconscious’ and the various stages of spiritual growth.

Alternatively, the order in which numbers are given in your dream may be significant in terms of helping you to prioritize events or projects in your life. Dream numbers may also suggest time running out, as in ‘your days are numbered’ or the need for you to make a calculated move. Alternatively numbers in dreams may refer simply to multiplicity or size, as in a crowd of events, a big experience, or some kind of realization that has many facets or involves many people.

Also worth noting is the idea that odd numbers are considered to be aggressive, ‘masculine’ active powers, whilst even numbers are considered to be more ‘feminine,’ tranquil and passive. See also LETTERS AND COMMUNICATION; MIND, BODY, SPIRIT; SHAPES; TIME.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Dreams of camping, resting or seeking shelter in a cave are common in dreamland, although few of us have explored caves in waking life. In dreams, the cave, as an image of the womb, may represent sanctuary and protection from outside forces; it is a place to which you can retreat and regain your strength.

Emerging from a cave into daylight may symbolize a new beginning, whilst descending into a cave or catacomb may represent a desire to explore your unconscious. Passing through a cave signifies a change of state and a deeper understanding of negative impulses within you. See also Cave, Chasm and Valley entries in NATURE AND THE SEASONS.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Psychologists generally define love as an intense feeling of liking, affection or an enduring sentiment towards a person combined with a strong desire to be with that person. In dreams, sexual images are more frequent than the ephemeral images of love; it was this which encouraged Freud to develop his theories about sex and sexual energy as being more powerful in dreamland than love itself. The connection between love and the erotic is therefore often inescapable in Freudian dream analysis, and the sexual interpretation of dreams became for Freud the key to unlock their meaning.

Jung, on the other hand, saw the world of dreams and love quite differently from Freud. He rejected Freud’s heavy emphasis on sex and instead saw dreams not only as a way to understand what was wrong with a person, but also as a way to encourage the creative development of a person’s whole potential. Dreams could therefore be a way of improving and encouraging feelings of wholeness, love and tenderness towards oneself and others in waking life.

Most dream analysts draw on the theories of both Jung and Freud when exploring the concept of love and dreams but they also ask the question: is the person in your dream really the object of your intense feelings of love or is there another way to read the dream? For example, dreams in which you fall in love or are reminded of the passionate early days of a relationship may have nothing to do with actual relationships but may be urging you to inject some passion into your life. They may also suggest that you are yearning to be loved and cherished. Try to remember who or what aroused feelings of love or passion in your dream.

If it was your partner and you are deeply in love in waking life, your dream may have been reaffirming your lasting affection. If, however, you are past those heady days of romance and passion, your dream may be reminding you of the chemistry that drew you to your partner and how easily it can be rekindled.

If you had a dream in which you found yourself in love with someone who in waking life is a friend, a colleague or someone you don’t really know but see on the journey to work every morning, you may find the experience unsettling, especially if you are in a committed relationship. It is possible that you feel drawn to that person in some unconscious way but are ignoring those feelings in waking life because they are inappropriate. Our dreams are often quickly prompted by a perhaps irrational attraction; if this is the case, your dreaming mind is allowing you to experience your desires in a safe environment in which no one can be hurt.

If you are not in a relationship, however, then such a dream may be urging you to acknowledge or express your feelings for that person. Bear in mind, too, that you may not dream of the actual person but may find them represented symbolically. For example phallic symbols, such as spears, swords or tall buildings may represent the man a woman is attracted to. Look also for puns concerning the object of your desire. Your lover may also be represented by an animal such as a kitten in your dream. In waking life, do you feel the need to be protected and adored in the same way? Alternatively, if you are not attracted to the person in your dream in any way in waking life, there may be something about them that you admire and wish to cultivate yourself: for example, a way with words, a flair for fashion, a musical talent, an exciting job or a carefree lifestyle. Try to work out with which aspect of that person’s character and life your dreaming mind has pictured you falling in love. To sum up, as with most emotions, in your dreams love is usually an expression of that feeling or a compensation for not receiving it in waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Difficulty / Problem

Dreams in which you are struggling to climb an unknown mountain or cliff, fighting your way through snow and ice, wading through a bog, or lost and wandering alone in a forest or jungle apply to a number of difficulties you may be encountering in your waking life. In most instances, such dreams only occur when you have tried to solve a problem and all your options seem to have been exhausted. Such a dream may be reflecting your reallife difficulties and the emotional or mental struggles you are facing.

If you are prone to such dreams, you might want to try asking your dreaming mind to show you a way off the mountain or out of the jungle, forest or bog just before you go to sleep. Your dream may respond by offering you another dream scenario that may contain symbolic clues to help you solve your waking problem.

Any problem, obstacle or irritation you face in dreamland, such as being unable to find a pen when you need one, light bulbs suddenly going out, being unable to pick something up, trying and failing to start a car or put up a deckchair or assemble a pushchair can suggest a problem in waking life that you are finding difficult to resolve. Your dreaming mind has thousands upon thousands of symbolic disguises to draw upon, so whenever things don’t go smoothly in dreamland, the chances are this indicates situations in waking life that you are struggling to resolve.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Lock And Key

Keys are clear symbols of freedom and opportunity in dreamland. They are also symbols of home ownership and trust, as you only give the keys to your home to people you trust. Bear in mind, though, that jailers also carry keys, so they can also be symbols of restriction and confinement.

If your unconscious highlighted a key in your dream, it could have been drawing your attention to any of these symbolic associations or reflecting your waking hopes and fears.

Keys might also represent an explanation or solution to a dilemma that has been worrying you. This is especially the case if your dream key fitted and a lock opened, as locks are symbolic of obstacles to success and self-knowledge. Where the lock was located in your dream may be significant.

If it was on a door, this is a symbol of transition or opportunity, but if it was on a cupboard, box or safe, this can represent your true nature and hidden inner qualities that are latent or repressed. If, however, the key, code or password did not match the lock in your dream, this could be a suggestion that you need to look elsewhere if you want to unlock or release the insight that will help you find a solution. According to Freud, keys are phallic symbols and the lock can signify the vagina, so if you dreamed of a key being inserted into a lock, the dream may have had an erotic significance. On the door of whose house was the lock that was being unlocked?... The Element Encyclopedia


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Dreams that feature images of menstruation indicate the very mystery of life itself; the acceptance of the life processes in yourself if you are menstruating in your dream, and non-acceptance if you are not. Such dreams can also represent the desire to have children.

If irregular periods, PMS or problems with menstruation appear in your dream, these may refer to emotional problems needing your attention, or issues concerning sexual selfishness on your part. In his book Our Dreaming Mind, dream expert Robert Van de Castle describes research he did on the subject of menstruation and dreams with the help of nursing students in Miami, Florida. He found that dreams changed according to the different phases of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Before ovulation, more male characters appeared in the dream and the women found them more appealing, with women characters pushed to the background. After ovulation, the dreams tended to be more hostile towards men, depicting them as less attractive.

If you are a man dreaming of menstruation, it may refer to your receptive, nurturing nature, or the aspect of yourself that is creative.

Research has shown that in the week or so leading up to menstruation, women who suffer from PMS spend an increased length of time in dreamland, the dreams they report being extremely vivid and colorful. The conclusion drawn by researchers is that one of the functions of the dreaming mind is to help dreamers deal with difficult states of emotion and anxiety. Dreams that focus on the menopause are likely to indicate change, the end of one phase and the beginning of another.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Bell / Alarm

You may have had a dream in which a ringing telephone urged you to pick up the receiver.

If this was the case, who was calling and what did they have to say to you? In both dreams and waking life, telephones are symbols of communication telling you that someone wants to communicate something to you, so perhaps your unconscious is trying to tell you something.

If you picked up the telephone and heard nothing but abuse, this signals guilt about some issue in your waking life.

If the phone rang in your dreams and you picked it up but no one was there, could your dreaming mind have been urging you to remember something or someone, as in ’ringing a bell’? Hearing a doorbell in your dream indicates something new coming into your life; this can be negative or positive, depending on the dream. It could also suggest the desire to hear from someone or make contact with them.

The ringing of an alarm clock in a dream indicates the need to get up and do something; it may also be a reminder of something or someone you have neglected. The ringing of a school bell, or the timer on a cooker, kettle or any kitchen appliance in a dream may also be prompting you to move forward with an idea or gain a new experience in the world. In real life, loud alarms—such as sirens, or fire, burglar, smoke or car alarms—warn us of impending threat and danger, and they do the same in dreamland. Perhaps your unconscious has noticed that your front door is not properly closed or that your car is vulnerable to theft. Alternatively, your unconscious may have been warning you about an overheated situation in your waking life, such as loss of control, invasion of privacy or an impending crisis.

Other sounds that are clear symbols of warning in your dreams include whistles blown by teachers, police officers or referees, the growling of angry dogs or the horns on cars, ships or trains. Such sounds may also indicate that you are defying authority figures in some way; there may have been an allusion to whistleblowing, drawing your attention to a transgression of some kind, either your own or someone you know? Alternatively, the growling of a dog could have suggested that you or someone you know are about to unleash their anger on the world in some way. Air-raid sirens are associated with the fear and pain of World War II and in dreams may express fear of the unknown or longing for old comradeship.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Crying / Screaming / Laughing

If you or someone else was crying, screaming or laughing in your dream, this may be a confirmation of how they are feeling in waking life. Similarly, if you woke up laughing, screaming or crying after your dream, could these vocalized emotions be expressing the happiness, excitement and sadness you are experiencing in waking life? Or were you crying for help or screaming in terror? Have you been repressing powerful emotions in waking life and did venting them in dreamland give you a sense of release?

Dreams of crying may function as a release for the sorrow or grief that has been holding you back consciously or unconsciously in waking life. Alternatively, such dreams may be an intuitive awareness of something ending or someone leaving in your waking life; or are your tears crocodile tears?

Dreams of laughing suggest a release of tension or an attempt to put yourself and others at ease. Depending on your feelings during the dream and on waking, the laugh may however be a sign that you are hiding the truth or taking things too lightly, as sometimes laughter can hide sadness and the truth. Bear in mind that laughter can also be a sign of contempt, and if someone laughs in your face, your unconscious may have used the archetype of the Trickster in an attempt to make you rethink something or reconsider your values. When the laughter becomes the kind of cackling associated in folklore with wicked witches and mischief-making, this may represent your inner voice questioning and ridiculing your pretensions.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Life And Death Struggle

The struggle for survival in dreamland is reflected in symbols such as quicksand, dangerous animals, wildfire, war and enemies; these all suggest the need to find a kind of security that cannot be taken away from you.

If you are prone to life-and-death struggles in your dreams, your dreaming mind is telling you that there is only one way to find the security that cannot be lost: you need to place value on things that are not material, as everything else is at risk. The things that cannot be lost reside in your heart and your spirit. This doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on the material in life; it simply means that you need to find peace and contentment by being more flexible and tolerant in waking life.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Fictional Character

In dreams, fictional characters that do not exist in everyday life may appear.

For example, you may dream of sharing a birthday party with a twin sister you don’t have in waking life; perhaps a character from your favorite TV show, movie or novel appears in your dreams. All your dreams are connected in some way with your life, so just because these people don’t exist in real life doesn’t mean they are less meaningful in dreamland or have any less resemblance to your waking life. In general, fictional characters exaggerate the qualities found in someone close to you so you can better understand the dynamics of the relationship or situation; one might say that the characters are often one dimensional so that their message is more easily understood. For example, Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies may represent, or highlight, a mean streak that your boss is displaying. And fictional characters can also reflect an aspect of yourself that has relevance to your waking life.

If this is the case, they usually do so to let you know the source of your current problem or to remind you of qualities you didn’t know you had. For example, dreaming about Scarlet O’Hara from Gone with the Wind may remind you that you are tougher and more resilient than you think you are.... The Element Encyclopedia


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As with trams and buses and other forms of public transport, dreams about trains suggest that you are no longer controlling your life and have become too dependent on someone or something else, such as your parents, your partner or a job. According to Freudians, trains with their huffing and pumping are phallic symbols, and a train entering a tunnel is a symbol of sexual intercourse. A broken-down or cancelled train may actually be a positive sign in dreamland, as it suggests that you are considering making your own way under your own steam. To dream of missing a train or passing a destination may also suggest missed opportunities.

If the train is stuck on a platform, this may suggest a problem that needs ironing out before any further progress can be made in waking life.

If the train makes an emergency stop, this warns against moving too fast and if the train stops at a crossing, this suggests the need for patience.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Vegetables And Fruit

Vegetables and fruit are a vital source of nourishment in the real world, and in dreamland their reference is usually to feeding the emotions rather than nourishing the body.

In general, fertility and readiness are associated with ripe and succulent fruit. To see fruit in your dream may therefore signify a period of growth, abundance, sweet reward and financial gain. However, if you dream of fruit that is past its ripeness, it is said to represent a missed opportunity or a loss of fertility. You are thought to be concerned with nourishment, fullness or abundance if you dream of vegetables; or feel you are lacking these things if the vegetables are spoiled or of poor quality. According to Freud, dreams that feature vegetables and fruits may be of a sexual nature, depending on the shape of the vegetable and your feelings in the dream. For Jungians, vegetables are symbols of personal growth indicating the need for spiritual nourishment.

Interpreting the symbolism of fruits and vegetables in your dream depends on how you feel about them in daily life; whether you like them for their taste and nutritional value, or find them dull and boring. You may be projecting a need to feed your body or soul, or reflecting on a dull and not very satisfying part of life. The number, shape, color, taste and type of vegetable or fruit and the overall content and feeling of your dream also need be considered. See also FOOD AND DRINK.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Vegetables Directory

Vegetables, like fruits, provide nourishment and nutrients but unlike fruits they are seldom regarded as delicious or sweet treats. This is why in dreamland they symbolize experiences that are good for us, providing basic emotional nourishment. But vegetables are not always good news; because we often refer to people who are slow, lazy, sluggish or inactive as ’vegetables’ or ’cabbages’ or ’couch potatoes’, a dream image of vegetables may be referring to your own inability to think, function or get active in waking life.

In dreams, vegetables can symbolize the most basic human emotions. There may also be an allusion to your diet; in waking life you may not be getting enough fiber, cereals and vegetables. Bear in mind, too, that your own personal associations and preferences concerning specific vegetables will influence your interpretation; for example, if you were forced to eat spinach as a child, you may associate it with punishment. If, however, you have taken personal associations into consideration and they still can’t help you interpret your dream, it may be that your unconscious was drawing from a wider source of symbolism.

For example, if you dreamed of a long, rigid vegetable such as a leek, carrot or cucumber, this could be a phallic symbol referring to intimacy issues in waking life. Also consider the words associated with vegetables such as ’cool as a cucumber’, ’mushrooming’, ’dangling a carrot’, ’peas in a pod’ and ’hot potato’. Because many vegetables grow in the soil, they also have numerous associations with death and rebirth, often being considered as a powerful symbol of spiritual growth. In the broadest sense, vegetables are a connection to your family and community, and represent the goodness you can take from earth.

Vegetables force you down to the depths of your unconscious.

Eating vegetables signifies the taking in of fundamental spiritual nourishment, and in this sense, cooking vegetables can be seen as an alchemical process.

If the vegetables in your dream are overcooked, this could suggest that you are concentrating too long and too hard on a particular problem, or ’overcooking’ a relationship by allowing it to become claustrophobic. On the other hand, cooked or prepared vegetables could refer to ideas which are developing or simply offering themselves to you, ready for growth and nurture. Growing vegetables indicates fertility and renewal. Rotting vegetables are a symbol of death and endings but they are also the precursor to renewal and growth. Seeing rows of neatly planted vegetables in a dream could mean the loss of freewill or the imposition of too rigid a sense of order in your life. Wild vegetables, by the same token, symbolize disorganization. Frozen vegetables show a state of suspended emotional animation, whilst processed vegetables have had some, or all, of their nutrients removed and suggest the dominance of style over substance in waking life.

The color of the vegetable will also be significant. A common dream image presents a variety of vegetables in great abundance for the dreamer to feast on suggesting a desire to enjoy the goodness of nature. However, such dreams may also reflect concerns about your lack of money or abundance. As with fruits, don’t forget that the color, shape, number and condition of the vegetables in your dream will all be significant. See also COLORS; NUMBERS; SHAPES.

If a vegetable, or group of vegetables, featured strongly in your dream and you’d like to know more about the symbolism of vegetables, it might be worth doing some research on the historical, cultural, religious and medicinal significance of specific vegetables to enrich your interpretation. The list on pages 646-48 of specific vegetables and their meanings in dreams is by no means comprehensive.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Fog / Mist

Fog and mist are dreamland symbols of confusion, or of an inability to make progress and see the way ahead. They also suggest lack of clarity and that emotions are clouding your judgment and making you feel uncertain.

If the fog lifts in your dream, this is a positive sign.

If you sense that the light is about to break through, this suggests a state of expectation rather than confusion.... The Element Encyclopedia


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Gale / Hurricane

In both the real world and in dreamland, gales and high winds suggest potential disaster. Your dreaming mind may be warning you that someone’s pent-up emotion is about to burst out of control; that person could be you. Or has a situation reached a crisis point? A tornado or hurricane is an even stronger image of feeling powerless against violent and chaotic emotions. The image of a hurricane or tornado flattening houses or hurtling cars in the air may suggest the frailty of the material world or reflect your own feelings of insecurity

A dream whirlwind has a different message, as it suggests confusion or a romance that may be about to completely change your life. An argument with a loved one may turn into a dream storm or hurricane, but your dream may contain clues for avoiding the worst of the storm. For example, the sun may have shone through, you may have found shelter or a gentle breeze may have lifted your spirits.

If you lost your struggle against the wind, this indicates that you feel as if you are being forced to go along with others.

If you enjoyed being carried along by gusts of wind, this may suggest a longing for adventure, unpredictability and freedom from responsibility.... The Element Encyclopedia


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