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You cannot escape advertizements in daily life and you may well find that they pop up in your dreams too.

If an advertizement does feature in your dream, its purpose will be to highlight your aspirations—so pay particular attention to the content of the advert. What or who was it trying to sell? If your dreaming mind lingered over the advert for shoes, a fast car, holiday or any other object of your desire, your uncon—scious may simply be reflecting your waking obsession with it.

If the dream highlighted cosmetics or clothes, your dreaming mind may be encouraging you to change your image in some way in waking life.

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The purpose of advertizements is to sell something, and a dream in which you see an advertizement or create one may be reminding you about some ambition or target. What the advertizement was displaying is important.

If it was clear and convincing, you are keeping your focus in waking life, but if it was confusing, you have not kept your ambitions clear. See also LEISURE AND ENTERTAINMENT.... The Element Encyclopedia


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