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A particular activity or task can represent: That actual activity in your life, or your thoughts and feelings about it.

A completely different activity, but with a similar characteristic (such as sitting in a class representing sitting in a meeting at work yesterday).

A fear or hope of participating in something similar in real life, or your subconscious mind exploring what it would be like.

See also: Working; Phase or Process; Task; Event; Activities (the category)

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Activity | Dream Interpretation

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Positive Activity

If your dreaming mind depicted you engaged in positive activities such as beginning a new health regime or hobby you love, losing weight, cutting out smoking and alcohol, spring cleaning, sorting out your wardrobe, volunteering for charity work, washing your car, mowing the lawn, picking up litter, holding a door open for the person behind you, the message may be that you need to undertake similar action in your waking life.

If you cannot draw a parallel between your dream and your waking life, ask yourself which positive actions you need to take in your life. Has your general outlook on life become cynical and jaded; is it time to freshen your attitudes up in some way?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia

Sporting Activity

Dreams which relate to sporting activities in general are usually positive but they can also reveal your competitive spirit. They should not be taken literally, as they rarely relate to sporting prowess; they are used by your dreaming mind as a metaphor in your waking life to represent your attitude to winning and losing, and how you play the game of life. Whatever your chosen sport, to see yourself winning fairly and cleanly without resorting to cheating is an empowering symbol that should have a positive influence on your waking life. As a dream message, it is important for you to defeat your dream competitors in as honest a way as possible; so dreams of winning by cheating or competing against people who are weaker than you suggest a disheartening struggle ahead, as fair play is a crucial concept for your dreaming mind

A dream of performing on an athletics track may refer to how you feel your performance rates when compared with others in waking life. Are you way ahead of the rest or struggling to keep in the race? Whether you were performing the high jump or throwing a javelin or taking part in a relay in your dream, if you were powerful and successful, your unconscious may have been indicating how successfully and rapidly you are advancing in waking life towards achieving your goals. Dreams that feature running, cycling, skiing and skating may also be commenting on your progress, or lack of it, in waking life. For example, if you dreamed of putting on a pair of skating boots, perhaps your unconscious is urging you to put your skates on and make an extra effort; or perhaps you need to be aware of the metaphorical phrase,‘skating on thin ice’.

If you dreamed of cycling or running down a bumpy road, have you hit a difficult patch in waking life? If you dreamed of skiing down a piste and tumbling headlong down the slope, are you in danger of losing control in waking life? Going down a mountain is a classic Freudian symbol of sexual intercourse but with the added thrills and anxiety implied by skiing. For Jungians, dreams of yachting or regattas may suggest exploration of the unconscious. For Freudians, such dreams recall memories and longings for the mother’s womb.... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia