What does it mean to see an abalone in a dream?

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To dream of Abalone can symbolize diving into unfamiliar territory.

Dreaming of Abalone can have a sexual connotation due to the appearance reminiscent of the female reproductive organ. Abalone has a beautiful, decorative shell and is also a substantial food source; to dream of the Abalone whole may represent someone in your life that is beautiful externally, but also has inner worth.

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The pearl is sometimes associated with the feminine principle, lunar forces, intuition, and water (all of which are identified with the unconscious). Mother of pearl lining the shell of the abalone suggests a fetus emerging to life. Alternatively, pearls in a dream may symbolize “pearls of wisdom” regarding a new idea or venture or a warning not to “cast your pearls before swine” by compromising oneself or one’s values.... pearl dream meaning


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abalone, eating: unusual experience with envious acquaintances.

clean, a: wil go into bankruptcy if you cook the books.

crawfish, a: in meeting deceit, retreat, regroup and engage in battle.

gathering: fleeting pleasures at a séance.

many live: are in a protected environment; are sheltered and nourished.

cockle: bad news from afar clears the way for romantic developments at home.

dead: are suddenly thrust into reality.

gathering: wil receive a sad letter, to your family’s profound embarrassment.

mollusk, a: mysterious happenings claim your attention; do not believe what you hear.

of shells: extravagance earned from victory in the field.

rough, a: change of residence wil improve your own circumstances.

smooth, a: the passion in your love affairs has been worn down.

scallops, eating: a movement toward a peaceful, wel -furnished home. ... shellfish dream meaning