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The interpretation of seeing and interacting with a stranger, or strangers, in your dream depends on the details of your dream and on your personal belief system. Some Eastern cultures believe that the strangers in your dreams are spirits from another dimension. These spirits may be teaching you lessons or giving you specific messages.

The more modern approach to interpreting a dream with strangers in it is that they represent different sides or unfamiliar aspects of our personality.

The best way to tell is to “check inside” of yourself and simply try to understand the message of this dream. Whether the message is coming from your unconscious or from a different reality might be irrelevant.

The lessons gained through a dream are far more important then where they came from. Just remember: The mind that dreamt the dream also knows its source and meaning (and that is YOUR own mind). See also: People... stranger dream meaning


To dream of receiving a message, denotes that changes will take place in your affairs.

To dream of sending a message, denotes that you will be placed in unpleasant situations. ... message dream meaning

Voice Message

To dream of receiving a voicemail message suggests that changes will take place in your social life.

To dream of leaving a message for someone else means that you will be placed in an unpleasant situation.... voice message dream meaning

Messenger / Carrying A Message

Are you playing the role of an intermediary? Are you satisfied with that role or would you rather take care of your own affairs? What message do you have to transmit? Is the messenger coming to you—are you receiving an important message? In any case, important news.... messenger / carrying a message dream meaning

Text Message

Dreams of a text message signify telepathy and a desire to connect and to stay in touch with someone from afar. You have a desire to get to the point, and to spell out what it is you want to communicate.... text message dream meaning

Books / Messages And Communications

whoever sees something from these mentioned / that mention, and [if] in it is good or what is indicative of good, and [of] good tidings, then it is interpreted by: the reaching of the goals, and attainment of hopes. And whoever sees different of that then its expression / meaning is contrary.... books / messages and communications dream meaning

Text Messages / Texting

To dream about text messaging symbolizes that you need to reach out to people who may not always physically be around. It could also suggest that you have been spending too much time texting in real life, and this has carried over into your dreams!... text messages / texting dream meaning

Texting / Text Messages

To dream about getting or sending a text message, on your phone or computer, symbolizes that you need to reach out to people who may not always physically be around. It could also suggest that you have been spending too much time text messaging in real life and this has carried over into your dreams.

If you were messaging someone you know, this can also mean there is an issue you need to confront with this person.

If you dreamed of texting a crush you may be obsessing over this person a bit, and this has carried over into your dreams.

If you can’t reach someone by text in your dream, you must listen to your inner voice more closely for your life to move on the way it should.

If you dream of getting garbled or hard-to-understand text messages, you may be the center of some negative gossip.

To dream of reading or spying on someone else’s text messages signifies that you are mistrustful of others and you tend to poke your nose into friends’ business.... texting / text messages dream meaning

Message / Messenger

Any message in a dream may be understood as coming from your unconscious. The same applies to messengers.... message / messenger dream meaning

Letter (message)

A past, expected, desired, imagined, or feared communication (perhaps to or from someone specific in your life).

The idea of expressing yourself to someone or wanting to be heard by them.

See also: Communication; Email; Giving; Receiving; Delivery; Mailbox; Address... letter (message) dream meaning

Notice / Message

Dreams that feature notices or messages are often seen as wake-up calls to the dreamer, implying that they need to be more aware of what is going on around them. Is there something or someone in your everyday life that you need to take note of? If the notice appeared on your fridge door, the message may be concerning your home life but if the notice appeared on a notice board, it may relate to school, college or work.

If you are the one pinning up a message, this suggests that you are the one who wishes to communicate with someone but haven’t yet found the right time.

If you can’t read the message on the notice board, then perhaps you are feeling left out of a particular social group or need to branch out on your own.... notice / message dream meaning

Secret Message

In waking life, secret messages or codes are used to convey important information as speedily as possible and to keep secrets from outsiders or enemies. Any dream in which you were sent a code that you could decipher may therefore indicate the need for speed and secrecy when communicating with someone in waking life. If, however, you were unable to understand the code, this suggests that you are finding it impossible to understand someone in real life. The secret message in your dream may also appear in the form of an anagram (a word puzzle in which you rearrange the letters of the original word or phrases).

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings and polysemy refers to single words that have many meanings. These word-plays are common in dreams. For example, the words ‘tale’ (story) and‘tail’ (backside), or‘navel’ (belly button) or‘naval’ (navy) are examples of homonyms. The word‘suit’ is polysemous as it can mean something you wear, one fourth of a pack of cards or as acceptable (as in‘suits me fine’).

If your dream messages don’t make sense, look for hidden codes. Write the mystery message or word down on a piece of paper and try to see if there are any words that sound the same but mean something different. Can you rearrange the letters to form different words or another phrase? In most cases, if you play around with the words you’ll discover their secrets.... secret message dream meaning

Telepathic Messages In Dreams

There is one form of communication that requires no paper, pen, computer or phone: thought transference or telepathy. Although the jury is still out as to whether telepathy is a real phenomenon or not, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that it is; you may have experienced it yourself in dreams. For example, if you had a dream of your much-loved cousin being badly injured in a car crash, and then woke to receive news that he had been involved in such a car crash during the night, your cousin may have communicated his pain telepathically to you. In most cases, telepathy is thought to occur between two people who have a very close or empathetic relationship and the sender may often be unaware of transmitting their emotions to the receiver. The most common published accounts of telepathy and ESP are between lovers or family members, and focus on a life-threatening injury or death. Psychics believe these people are able to tune into each other’s frequencies as they are so close to each other emotionally; a twin brother, for example, will sense the pain of his twin sister. In times of crisis, we send out our message and those who are in tune will pick it up.

Another example of dream telepathy is called shared dreaming, in which people try to meet up with each other in dreamland or to dream of the same landscape.... telepathic messages in dreams dream meaning

Concealed Identity/stranger

Universal Landscape: An unknown Character Aspect; unconscious drives.

Dreaming Lens: What was your relationship with the unknown person? Was the stranger an assailant or attacker? Was the stranger physically hidden from you in some way? Did the stranger reveal their identity to you in some way? Were you aware of whom they really were? Were they pretending to be someone else? Were they simply an unknown person?

Personal Focus: A person unknown to you is still representing a Character Aspect of your personality, even if his or her identity is concealed or if it is a stranger. When making an interpretation about a person you don’t know, you must put your focus on what you actually do know. What the person is doing in your dream and how you feel about that will give you the essence of your interpretation. That it comes from a stranger or person with a concealed identity indicates that the unconscious is not quite ready to reveal some aspect of your personality that is being called into action in your current situation.

We learn in stages and increments and often resist change, so be prepared for initial levels of fear to come up around this type of imagery. The unknown assailant who chases us may simply be trying to give us our forgotten lunch money or an umbrella because it is raining. When there are clear personality traits and the identity is unknown to you, it likely points to an area of development within your own personal makeup.

An angry or aggressive stranger may point to an integration of that energy into consciousness. A more helpful or gentle stranger indicates that softer elements are being called into prominence. Whatever end of the continuum your dream stranger is on, be prepared to consider the necessity and power of the energy he or she is embodying in the dream. A deliberate deceit of identity can also indicate a matter of the unconscious tricking the conscious into hearing a difficult piece of information; for just as in life it is sometimes easier to hear impactful news from a stranger than from someone we love.... concealed identity/stranger dream meaning