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For most people, dreaming about whales is a pleasant experience. These huge water dwelling mammals may be symbolic of the connection that exists between the unconscious and conscious mind. They may represent the dreamer’s level of awareness, perceptiveness, and intuition. Some think that they represent our emotional power or are messengers from the spiritual realms.

If the ocean waters were turbulent, and the whale in your dream was unpredictable or on the attack, considers the emotional environment in your every day life. Under such unpleasant dream circumstances, these large animals may represent overwhelming emotional or psychological issue and problem. See also: Dolphin

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Big problems in life.

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The powerful evolutionary drive involved in reproduc­tion, which lies behind individual male or femaleness.

Example: ‘I was leaning over the settee with my hands cupped under my chin looking out of the window.

The view was spectacular, in that it was as if the house was situated on top of a cliff overlooking a huge bay, shaped like a horseshoe, with the house in the middle. From the sea suddenly coming into the bay I could see three enormous whales making their way towards me. As I was staring in amazement they began to transform themselves and come up out of the water as three giant Viking-like figures. They were so huge that the water came up only to their knees and everything was moving so slowly, as they waded towards me. It was the most awe inspir­ing thing I had ever seen in my life’ (Sue B).

The bay, the beautiful sea, the (sperm?) whales/men show Sue touching the most primordial yet inspiring aspects of her own wom­anhood and urge to love. ... A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


A Guide to Dreams and Sleep Experiences


(see Animals, Fish, Water)

A difficult journey to transformation and enlightenment as in the story of Jonah and the whale. Similar whale myths appear in other cultures too, all of which equate this creature’s belly to a cauldron of change and rebirth, or an initiation.

A whale swimming in deep waters often represents your own search for deeper awareness about yourself or the Universe.

A whale spout is a type of air or wind dream, in which you seek out the breath of life, and perhaps a break from being emotionally or empathically immersed. .Alternatively, this may represent the liberation of positive ideas and energy.

A symbol reflective of the regenerative power of water to refresh your ideas, bring peace and healing, and smooth out the rough spots in life.

Among the Norse, whales have magical power all their own, and would sometimes earn* witches to their destination. So, a whale surfacing from the ocean depths may indicate a surfacing interest in, or ability with, the occult arts.

WTiales have sonar like that of dolphins, making them an emblem of “sounding things out” and knowing your direction in life.

The humpback whale, specifically, reflects finding your own song; a harmony that mirrors your soul, especially with regard to the way you interact in relationships.

The song of the humpback changes every breeding season, reflecting the environmental changes that surround it (see Music).... The Language of Dreams


The Language of Dreams


The elephant of the sea, the whale, navigates long distances. Traveling in groups called pods, whales can come to assist your navigation through the vast unseen potential of the subconscious.

The sound of the whale is a song that demonstrates the power of music in bnnging about harmony and healing.

The appearance of whales in a dream may indicate a need to migrate to a new environment.... Ariadne's Book of Dream


Ariadne's Book of Dream


Whales are a symbol of gigantic but selfless strength whose protective power is beneficial. In this way, dreaming that a whale is approaching you portends a great event that will change any aspect of your life, either at personal or professional level.

If you fall into the sea and a whale gobbles you up, it means that you are going through a difficult situation, though it will end shortly. It indicates a positive rebirth in some aspect of your life.

Related to birth, this whale seen in dreams announces a joyful event.... The Big Dictionary of Dreams


The Big Dictionary of Dreams


Whales in a dream may represent a relationship or a business project that the dreamer considers too enormous to handle.

The dreamer may fear that they will, in effect, be swallowed up. Alternatively, large bodies of water are symbols of the unconscious, so that a whale, as a mammal at home in the water, can also represent a wholesome relationship between one’s conscious and unconscious mind.... Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


Dream Symbols in The Dream Encyclopedia


In dream lore, whales still carry much of their ancient folk memory. The biblical story of Jonah—reborn spiritually from the belly of a whale—may be echoed in dream symbolism which sees the creature as the womb of nature, wherein the dreamer may undergo spiritual transformation. In dreams the whale is a symbol of power and hope. It offers assurance that a huge force within you is available from which to draw strength, healing and wisdom. The whale is also the symbol of the mother archetype—probably on account of its enormous belly—so if a whale figures in your dream is your unconscious longing to return to feelings of warmth and security associated with childhood? On the other hand if the whale is menacing or tries to swallow you up in your dream is there a mother figure in your life who is overpowering and dominating or has some problem, habit or misunderstanding taken on huge proportions in your life? Or do you simply long for more thrills and stimulation in your life according to the pun having a ’whale of a time’. And does your dream of whales have any connection with wailing or reflect your concern over ecological issues as whales are an endangered species?... The Element Encyclopedia


The Element Encyclopedia